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I belong to a lovely community of Lightworkers on a political forum – from astrologers to distance healers to those who are just coming to understand what being a Lightworker means.

Someone suggested we participate in what’s called an “Angel Visit” where you welcome the angels to your house for a specified period of time with rituals and such. When the time period ends, you give the angels the names of three people who have requested a visit and send them on their way.

It’s kind of a neat idea and as you might imagine, I participated. There were guidelines to the ritual piece involving candles, envelopes full of requests for the angels, flowers and even an apple.

Maybe you’d be surprised (I was!) at how many people got hung up on the ritual pieces. They worried about being late to welcome the angels or not having anyone to send the angels to visit, or whether they could use a blue candle instead of the white. What about the apple? Could you use a pear instead?

Now, I’m a believer in guidelines. They are so helpful when learning a new skill. But when it comes to energetic work (all kinds) and co-creating with your Angels and Guides in Spirit, it all comes down to intention. Truly it does.

See, here’s the thing:  There is NO JUDGEMENT on the plane where Guides, Teachers and Angels reside.




They will not care if you put out a coconut when the guidelines said apple. Nor will they care if you follow the guidelines to the letter or not at all. They are just guidelines.

What matters most is your intention in this kind of request. If you are asking for guidance on an important issue, know that it will be provided. You might not know the form the guidance will take, but it will show up. Could be in a song lyric, something another person says to you in passing, a book that falls at your feet … it WILL show up if you’re paying attention.

All the other pieces of the ritual? It’s my feeling that they’re there to make us feel like we are “doing something” to call in that energy. Is it nice? Yes. Is it necessary to receive guidance? No.

When you are working with those in Spirit, there is no “one size fits all” way of doing it. If the request comes from your heart, it won’t matter how you say it. They’ll hear you.

They really will.

Can you hear or feel your Guides and Teachers? If you are having trouble understanding the messages you’re getting, I’d be happy to help decode them and teach you how to do it yourself! Email me and let’s talk!