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So, back in the day, I was sort of (totally) obsessed with the musician Prince. I found him
on Midnight Special (showing my age here) and was smitten with this strange little man. practically intuitive

Saturday night, roaming around the channels on television, I happened upon Purple Rain, his tour de force movie made in 1984. I’ve seen it probably thirty times and yet, I always stop what I’m doing and watch the last twenty minutes. He is like electricity (in a puffy shirt) on that stage – you can’t look away.That man was born to be on a stage.

In real life, however, he’s quite shy and reclusive, maintaining complete control over his work and his surroundings.( If you’ve got a bit of time, you have to watch Kevin Smith talk about meeting Prince – it’s hilarious! * major language warning) Apparently, he’s been that way most of his life.

I did a bit of reading on the making of Purple Rain and found out that it got made solely because Prince was so strong in his conviction to tell that story, he bulldozed over movie execs who questioned who he was, why no one in the movie could act except two people (the rest were band members and friends), and lots of other things. He was *that certain* of his story (and himself). And the rest is history.

What if you had that same kind of trust in your own abilities?

What if you took all the fears, the “I’m not good enough” voices, the “they’ll laugh at me” worries (seriously, did you see that get-up P-dog wore in the Midnight Special clip?) and tossed them out? Imagine what it would be like to be truly the you, the deep-down, who-you-be-at-the-core all the time.

You could move mountains if you had that much trust in yourself. You could.

Not all of us have the level of musical talent Prince Rogers Nelson has but we all have something that we bring to this life that is just as powerful, just as magnificent.

What is YOUR magnificence? Are you willing to own it? Are you willing to move mountains to make things happen with it?

If the answer is no, examine the fears behind it. Tell people you talk to the dead and you might be worried they’ll judge you as evil. So what if they do? You can’t control that. (Also too: most people are *very* interested in this when you talk to them one-on-one. Just sayin’)

What if you’re a medical intuitive and can read the energies in someone’s body? You know the medical community will never take that seriously because they need PROOF. So? You know you can help people. Why let someone’s fears or judgments stop you in your tracks?

PrinceYou know Prince got (and continues to get) ENORMOUS judgment over his choices – musical, lifestyle, spiritual conviction and off-the-beaten-track personality.

And yet, he’s just Prince. Not one damn thing stops him.

What are you letting stop you?