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If you don’t quit your day job and go all in, Spirit will know you’re not serious about doing your soul’s work and you’ll lose your skills.

Have you heard that one before? Maybe not couched in such a woo way but the message is the same: if you don’t do something now, you’ll lose the opportunity forever.

fainting_couchThe horror! I shall now proceed to my fainting couch. (Actual picture of me just this morning!)

What crap! Seriously. Just fear-mongering crap.

Your soul level gifts and skills are yours. Forever. You can use them if you want. You can toss them out the window as you zoom around Ventura Highway.

You can do whatever you want. They won’t be snatched away because you didn’t quit your day job to be intuitive reader extraordinaire immediately.

I built my business while working a full-time often demanding job. The Universe didn’t declare that I had to quit the moment I went pro or else they’d forever block my ability to hear Guides and Teachers.

Don’t let anyone tell you that. Not a coach who’s waiting on you to commit to working with her. Not your friends who want you to do it first in case you fail, not your inner voice that likes to beat you up.

Your soul’s work always comes around in another way if you choose not to take the exit ramp that’s in front of you. It has to. It’s the reason your soul came here. How could you miss it?

(Granted, if you keep zooming by an important exit, your team is going to “help” you get there some other, often less fun, way. Still, it’s always your choice and you’ll always get there, one way or another.)

Ditch the fear and just get started. If you have to work a day job to create a business that is profitable and sustainable, DO THAT! And do it knowing that you’ll know when the time is right to take a bigger step.

Trust yourself. And if you can’t move past the fear, ask for help.

Ask from an empowered place where you know all you have to do is take one step for the other possibilities to open up. (Wasn’t this the subject of last week’s newsletter? Apparently, we’re not quite finished with that lesson, eh?)

I know. It all sounds like TInkerbell will wave her wand and sprinkle fairy dust on you, right? But this is plain, down-to-earth, grounded advice (that coincidentally lines right up with the fairy dust!).

Creating a business from your skills IS a big damn deal. And not to be taken lightly.

If you decide to do that, do it when you’re ready and not out of any fear that you’ll lose your abilities.

They’re yours for life.

And know that the Universe supports you in whatever you choose to do with them.