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I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and are gearing up for theWhoosh! of the Christmas season to fly by.

One of my big joys is finding the exact perfect gift for someone.  I pay attention year ’round to things my loved ones mention on Facebook or in conversation in an off-handed way. They don’t even realize I’m listening to what their heart wants but I am.

My reward? Watching them open the gift and saying “How did you know I wanted that?” That fills my heart up with an almost indescribable sense of joy. (Parents probably know this well, right?)

I bet that’s the feeling the Universe gets when you truly open into your gifts and share them with the world.  You know those gifts – the ones that are so easy for you to do but somehow you find hard to share with the world and (gasp!) get paid for it.

Thing is, you might be sharing your gift in the form of trades, barters, discounts or even for free. But let me ask you this: is that REALLY serving people? 

Or maybe you find yourself bogged down and overwhelmed with the stuff you have to do for a business: website, emails, marketing, and (horrors!) sales conversations!

There is an easier way for people in the world to open your gift.

And guess what? When they open your gift, they open the gifts of truth and power within themselves and that is where the magic happens!

This is how we change the world – through our gifts.

If you know it’s time (and you don’t necessarily FEEL ready), leave a comment below and let me know what you want to create in 2015. (Yep, that thing that scares you.)

I want to know.
If I can tell you anything right now, it would be this: you may not feel ready, but the world is ready for you.

So the question is, will you let the world open your gift or will you keep it to yourself?

Leave a comment and tell me you want something more in 2015 than what you’ve got going on now.

(Even if it scares you to say it out loud – just do it!)

I’d love to hear from you.