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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

CertifiedSo, where did this whole idea of a Professional Intuitive course come from and why a certified one, at that?

Dear reader, you ask such salient questions and so timely, too!

Back in the spring, I was asked to receive a reading from a student in Slade Roberson’s Automatic Intuition course and offer feedback.  As I was giving that feedback, I realized that I really liked doing it and, as a bonus, I was good at it!  My higher self said to me “Ya know, you could be doing this all the time.”  Hmmm.  (When my HS speaks, I listen.)

That event birthed the Mentoring Pilot Program where I was going to try out (with a group of willing participants) teaching and mentoring burgeoning intuitive readers.  I learned A LOT through the summer run of that program and made the decision to take it a step further with a certification course.

The funny thing is, I keep telling my students that you don’t need a thousand certifications before you start getting out there doing readings.

Which led me to ask myself “If that’s true, why are you offering a course with that as the goal?”  (Like you, I ask myself salient questions too!)

Here’s the answer

What I am seeking to offer with a certification course is both a standard for intuitive readings and a community to support those stepping out into this work as a professional.  I will also be standing behind these readers with my reputation and sharing their skills and business with my community.

A Standard for intuitive readings

I have  a thing about what I believe intuitive readings should be.




Many readings I’ve come across have not been that way for me.

I feel so strongly about this that I decided to create a standard not only for the readings I give but for those who work with me as budding intuitives.  The method of reading (Spirit Guides, Oracle/Tarot cards, dowsing, etc) is not an issue as much as what is brought through for the client using those methods.

As I am guiding and teaching my students,  my focus is always on “how is this serving your client right now?” and in what specific way it helps them.  That is my standard and one I will be teaching and refining over the course of the program.

When I certify someone, it means that I have heard enough of their readings to feel comfortable that they offer that same focus.  And for the client, it means that they can expect their reading to give them actionable, grounded guidance.


One of the biggest pieces that I saw for myself  through running the pilot program was the importance of having like-minded friends and colleagues on that path with you.

This great group of women bonded from day one and helped each other out with support (in and out of the group), ideas, masterminding, friendships and so much more – it was truly a joy to see.

In any path that requires you to show up as authentically as you can, your stuff WILL come up.  It has to in order to clear away what no longer resonates with where you’re going.  Being surrounded by those who support you is crucial to making it through that stuff.

But that’s not the only reason community is important.

Once someone is certified through this program, there’s on-going education and mentoring support so that as they grow their business (and themselves!), there’s a safe place to come and talk things out.  I want to provide this safe and supportive space for my practitioners.

As they are supported, so they will be able to support others.  Community FTW!  🙂


It’s a pretty big deal to place the reputation of my business on the line with this and I gave that a lot of thought before I created the program.  Which is why the certification level (Level Two) is so intensive and is, in fact, one on one work with me.

Those who demonstrate the level of commitment it takes to get certified receive an enormous amount back even beyond having their own business.  I’ll personally vouch for their skill level and integrity because they’ve shown it to me.  If you trust me to read for you, you can trust them.  You know you’ll get a quality reading.

And that’s why certification

It’s my way of acknowledging the work these wonderful individuals have put into their craft and for you, as someone who invests in themselves through readings, to know you’ll get practical, helpful, grounded guidance.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on all this.  Would you be more likely to purchase a reading with someone who is certified? Why or why not?  Does it matter to you?

Please let me know in the comment section!