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Have you noticed the really intense energies flying around this past week? Between the election, mercury retrograde and a bunch of other things, it’s been a really wild week.

Here’s what’s shown up for me this week: I’ve had a few people tell me (in not so many words): don’t say what you’re saying. Don’t be open about what you believe.

And maybe I’m naive and this is the “thing” to do but I would never tell someone to stop sharing their thoughts and feelings (pedophiles and serial killers are one of the few exceptions and even then, I’d just report them to the authorities.)

If their beliefs are different than mine, fine. There are tons of sites around the interwebz that cater to all kinds of interests.

So I’m not sure what I did to bring this energy to me but clearly the lesson is: what am I not allowing MYSELF to say?

Ever heard the saying “As above, so below. As within, so without”?

If I am receiving the energy of “you shut up over there“, it’s mirroring something inside me that is also telling me to shut up. What is that part of me I don’t want to hear?

My coach and I have been doing some pretty major work on an inner issue. It’s huge. In a nutshell, when I was three, I had a severe convulsion. At that time, my soul attached an energetic lifeline to make sure I stayed here. It served its purpose and I am (obviously!) alive and well.

However, I’ve somehow learned to use that tenuous energetic cord in place of the real life cord that each of us has (that’s actually quite sturdy). And every time I try to move forward, I am TWANGED! back because that little supposedly temporary cord doesn’t have the elasticity that the normal cord has.

 (Got it? Good. I’m glad you’re coming with me on that!)

So, here I am, working to move the energy from the temporary cord into the permanent one and help my inner 3 year to feel safe as I do that. (It’s done via a visualization, FYI) And oh my goodness, my inner three year old is not a happy camper! She’s kicking and screaming about letting go of that inner life-line. She doesn’t yet realize that our soul has all the stamina it needs to take care of things.

What is it that I don’t want to hear?

Why am I telling myself to SHUT UP?

I’m not really sure because, truth be told, I just got what it’s all about as I was writing this. The words that came out via my keyboard were not what I had in my head to write about. That’s how Spirit works – start down one path, find yourself on another (maybe truer!) path. But at least I am getting the message now (and not feeling all hurt because people told me to shut up!).

Bottom line: if you are getting the same message from several places, examine what that means in terms of your own inner work. Don’t be afraid to see what it’s about. It’s coming up to be healed. Let it bubble up, acknowledge it and release!