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After going through a period of rabid reading and learning all I can about building a business with integrity, I decided to turn off the faucet and allow my own guidance to come through.  I unsubscribed from all the newsletters and emails (which were all saying the same things anyway) and basically went on an “information fast”.  Now, I opt to receive very few things – only that which truly truly resonates with me.

One of those I chose to keep was Mark Silver’s “Heart of Business” newsletter.  There’s a gentleness in his written word that really jumped out at me.  He wasn’t trying to be hip or trendy – he was just himself and I could feel his work comes from a place of true authenticity.  I am working through his program “Unveiling the heart of your business” and it’s lovely and high-vibrational and a total fit for where I want to take my business.  Integrity and authenticity are very important to me.

I say all this as an introduction to the information below which I was part of an email he sent yesterday.  It really resonated with what I talk about here: taking action.  Even one small thing = something you’ve not done before – can help put you on a completely different path.  Ideas are good – action on those ideas is the key.

Hope you enjoy this snippet!

Guidance is About Whims, Choice is About Following Them

It has become a cliché that the voice of God is a small, still voice, because it’s true. Divine knowing, connection to Source, is rarely received as a thunderclap. When I taught at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism, I told students to “follow your whims.” I only felt confident about that advice because I knew how much time they had spent polishing their hearts.

The Sufis talk about the heart as an old-fashioned mirror made of metal instead of reflective glass. Metal mirrors require polishing to maintain the reflective surface. Without the polishing, rust sets in, slowly obscuring the surface.

Spiritual practice does that for your heart, allowing it witness and increased reflection of Divine truth. If you spend some amount of time in spiritual practice, look at your heart, trust what you get, and take a step forward.

It can feel tricky balancing between confidence in your heart’s guidance and remembering that that guidance is imperfect. This is where the “reasonable scope” I mentioned above comes in.

By keeping your choices reasonable in scope–not choosing to take on the world, but simply taking on the next project–you can feel confident about what your heart shows you. You keep polishing your heart with spiritual practice. When the next step or choice comes along, you look again at your heart, and step forward once more into your heart’s whim.

Article ©2010 Mark Silver, all rights reserved. Reprinted with permission. This article and hundreds of others, along with other free resources are available at http://www.heartofbusiness.com