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PodcastIt occurred to me recently that since AJ and I have been doing our podcasts together and putting them on a separate site, anyone who has come here looking for them hasn’t been able to find them (too) easily!

Let’s just fix that up right now, shall we?

First: You can find all the podcasts over at Your Inner Authority. Every two weeks, we’ve been posting a new podcast there. You can also find them all (including all the ones I did on my own as Practically Intuitive) at the Practically Intuitive Podbean site.

You can also find all my previous podcasts on this Practically Intuitive page.

Second: AJ and I have big plans for 2013 – we’re taking our show over to BlogTalk Radio! We are planning a one hour show featuring guests, interesting chat and we’ll also be taking your calls and doing readings on the air. More information on that to follow.

For now, keep listening and leaving us comments (here or over at YourInnerAuthority.com) – I’d love to hear what you’re thinking!