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Have you ever received guidance that you wished you hadn’t? Because listening to it requires you to do something that makes you extremely uncomfortable (and not in a fun “I’m scared but excited” way, either). Yet you know it’s for your highest good.

And you still don’t follow that guidance. Maybe it’s because you’re scared of the changes to come, worried that they’ll be really hard. Maybe it’s because your logical mind convinces you that it’s okay to stay right where you are. After all, things aren’t so bad. Maybe you’ll get used to them.

You know what? The lesson that you’ve asked for when you receive that guidance will come back around again. Especially if it’s a big lesson. Only, sometimes it comes back in a way that makes it clear you better address it, someway, somehow.

This may shock you (are you sitting down?) but even someone (okay, me) who knows how to read signs and act on guidance can get fooled by a “logical” mind into ignoring that guidance. And damn if that lesson didn’t come back stronger the next time where I had to make a choice. And the choice really wasn’t “should I handle this?” but “how will I handle this?” because there was no ignoring it at all.

Everyone runs into those situations that are uncomfortable; ones we’d rather not even deal with. If it’s one of those crossroad kinds of decisions, though, you can be sure that if you defer it the first time around, it WILL show up again. The more you put off the inevitable, the harder it can poke you the next time around.

Moral of the story: listen to your guidance and take care of whatever it is early on. Because if you wait and defer, it doesn’t get easier. Trust me on this.

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