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love the rideBy Lisa Wechtenhiser

One of my closely held beliefs is that things happen for a reason – it’s not at all a random Universe. And that’s easy to accept when the good things show up, right?

Not as easy when the shit hits the fan, is it?

A couple things I want to say first

1) I also ascribe to the belief that we bring about (consciously or unconsciously) what shows up for us.

2) The power to change our circumstances is always within us. Access to it is there, if you choose to open that door. No one can open that door for you. You must be the one who does that with consciousness before things will begin to change in your life.

Over the last year, I’ve had a lot of things show up, both good and not-as-good. All have served to move me forward on my path.

Let’s do the silver lining thing, shall we?

A lesson in self worth

About a year or so ago, I had someone ask me how I dared to offer programs at higher investment levels and who did I think I was to do that? Despite knowing that her comments reflected more her feelings about what was happening (or not) in her life, I took them to heart and promptly went into hiding in my closet. “Who WAS I to ask for that money? Just who did I think I was?” were the nicer parts of what went around in my head after her comments.

Why I was thankful for her comments: After spending a month or so in that (metaphorical) closet, I came out with a new perspective because it helped me look at what *I* felt my worth was as a teacher, as an intuitive reader and as an entrepreneur. Prior to that, I never gave any of it much thought at all. Her questions helped me clarify *for myself* what I brought to the table: a wealth of information, experience and enormous trust in the Universe to support me in what I’m here to do. I include her in those for whom I am enormously grateful on that part of my path.

A lesson about wandering too far down the wrong path and ignoring guidance

In January, I received some harsh words from a teacher/mentor whom I trusted and looked up to. Like the email above, it really shredded my own sense of who I was and made me look at it in a bright light of day. What I saw wasn’t pretty, unfortunately.

Why I am thankful for her comments: Although I didn’t go into a closet on this one (metaphorical or literal!), I had a little “Come to Jesus” talk with myself and realized that I had strayed too far from my path. Her words, hurtful as they may have been, slapped me back into my own self which was exactly the place I needed to be at that point in time. Deep down, I knew that. And I knew that I had earned that slap because I did not listen to the message the first time around. I did not need another stinging rebuke for me to get it.

Every tough experience carries a lesson

And every experience shows up because you’ve put it into motion – again, consciously or unconsciously. The trick is to see it that way, aim to learn the lesson as quickly as you can and keep moving.

If you’re mired in financial overwhelm, look to see what’s going on underneath it all. Energetically, something may be out of balance.

[pullquote]Listen to what your soul is telling you. It’s always speaking loud and clear and sometimes, the only way it can get your attention is to draw closer those experiences that are challenging. Get what it’s trying to tell you and things become much, much clearer.[/pullquote]

If you’re in emotional overwhelm or you’ve got some sadness you can’t shake, bootstrapping it isn’t the answer. Seeking the lesson your soul wants you to get from that experience will move you forward much faster than sheer willpower. (Why? It’s because you’re finding the root of the issue and addressing that rather than gritting your teeth and soldiering forward, only to have it show up again in some other way.)

And this is where a good intuitive reader can help. We are skilled at looking underneath the surface and finding the thread to the real issue. Helping you see the link-up so that you can get the bigger picture is critical to your ability to take action. It really is. I know that from my own work with my wonderful coach and with my wonderful clients.

Bottom line: Lessons are everywhere. Can you see them and choose to learn what’s needed?