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There was an interesting article posted to myBusiness of Intuition Facebook group about the face you show when you’re posting on Instagram (or other social media sites).

Called What I Instagrammed vs. What Was Really Happening -or- My Entire Life is a Lie, the writer talked about how the story the picture tells is often quite different than what’s really going on.

Isn’t life that way, lots of times? The stories we tell ourselves (and show others) can sometimes be very different than what’s going on. I find it’s that way in the entrepreneurial world, too. Look behind the curtain of flashy websites and claims of $10,000 months and it’s all there.

This is why alignment of your inner and outer self is so important, not just in business but in your life. When you go with the flow (of your skills, of your inner desires, etc.) life seems to get a lot easier. Not saying it’s all easy but easier.

As I’m studying Beth Grant’s Archetype Alignment Grid for Certification, I’m looking at all the different natural styles (Truth Guide, Guru Star, Connector and Supporter). Where I see people run aground is trying to market in a style that isn’t natural for them. In other words, they’re trying to be what they’re not. And it shows. (And it shows up really big energetically. If your clients are highly conscious people, they’ll know right off the bat.)

Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook or some other online platform, jut be who you are. I don’t mean you have to wander around in your pajamas with messed up hair all the time (is that just me?) but show us the real you.

That’s what people crave. Authenticity. 


So, here you go – an authentic picture of me, messy hair on the beach and all.  Enjoy! 🙂


lisa beach