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I have always been one to communicate (a lot, according to my family) and when blogs were first getting started (way back in the dark ages circa 2002), I took to them like the proverbial duck to you-know-what.blogging

Making the transition from that personal blog to blogging for Practically Intuitive was easy for me because my writing voice is exactly the same as my speaking voice. I just changed up what I talked about, mostly.

It can be difficult to know what to write about when you first start your online business, especially if writing doesn’t come easily to you. Where do you even start?

And, what if you don’t even think anyone is reading it? It’s like blogging into the abyss! What’s the damn point, right?

This super article by CoSchedule gives you a great framework for where to start and how to build your content over time. It’s a good read with lots of helpful info for newbies.

Lisa’s blogging tips for new intuitives, soul-preneurs and anyone else who wants them

1. Don’t be bummed out if no one comments. I used to get so hung up on that! Do I love them? Yes. Will I die if I don’t have any? No, probably not. Neither will you. Write, share the word about what you’re working on and keep moving.

2. Go visit other blogs and leave good comments there. Not for spamming purposes but to create some energy around you and your business. You’ll get known in places that you might not ordinarily get seen. One of my friends and good clients found me on a Problogger site years ago. I support her work and she reaches out when she needs some intuitive help.

3. Use a cool nickname for yourself to stand out. I always use “Lisa | High Priestess of the Woo” when I comment and I get a LOT of visitors that way because who doesn’t want to know what a HPotW is, right?

4. Participate in blogging events – Two years in a row I did a 30-Day Blogging Challenge and while not every entry was stellar, it helped create sixty posts that I was able to share again in other places and it helped me gain a new audience for my work.

5. You don’t have to be a writer to do blog posts! There are tons of ways to get your word out! You can create an audio or start a podcast or do a video (better known as a ‘vlog’).  I’m a writer so that’s how I best communicate. If you’re not, don’t let that stop you from sharing your unique point of view.

The important thing is just start. Use whatever makes it easiest for you and jump in. You’ll find your own style, your own rhythm and soon it will be easier than you thought possible.

So, how’s your business going?

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