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what if

What if:

* you learned all your lessons the easy way, the first time around so there’d be no need for head smackings from the Universe?

* you did the things that worked well for you and let go of all that doesn’t?

* you forgave easily and kept on moving?

* you saw all the reasons you chose each person to be in your life?

* you had all the answers?

What if you knew your path and purpose for this lifetime from the minute you were born?

How would that have changed your life?

WOULD it change your life at all?

I think part of the greatness of being here in a physical body on this planet at this time is to feel and truly understand all the imperfections, the heartaches, triumphs and sweet small moments.

That’s where your soul grows.

That’s where it flourishes.

You are right where your soul chose you to be.

What if you took that awareness and lived from it?

What if?