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I’m starting off this post with a question for you: have you ever had a moment where you felt completely and fully in your element? Like, time stopped moving and all that was left was you and your groove? They don’t come often, that’s for sure, but when they do, it feels amazing.

I experienced such a moment at a retreat in Utah recently where I am lead coach in a year-long program for other soul-preneurs. We had a ‘get stuff done” night and I spent about 90 minutes helping someone create their opt-in pipeline (a series of emails that someone receives to welcome them to your list). Now that may not sound like big fun to you but it made my creative brain go all buzzy. brilliance

Writing emails is sort of my thing (had you noticed?) and in fact, I once wanted to write a book that was just emails back and forth between two people. (I’ve read two like that and yeah, there’s a fine art to doing it.) So, helping her write the emails for the opt-in is like breathing to me. Time passed but I hardly noticed it because I was so focused on just being in that space and creating.

easy wayAnd that’s what’s called “just showing up” in all your brilliance. Not in an arrogant way but in a way where it’s light and natural for you. I had no idea what we’d create together but I knew that I had the ability to do this with her. And it applies to almost any situation in life. How do you ‘just show up’ and trust that you know what you know?

One of the other women at the retreat is an AMAZING healer. She has powers that put Superman to shame (no lie). Her fear was that she wasn’t fully prepared for her sessions or that she needed still more training. Her Guides spoke through me and told her to “just show up”. That was it. She’ll know what to do. (I admit, it took some convincing before she accepted that was all she needed to do. Oh stubborn ego, why must you badger us so?)

Where do you need reminding to just show up? That it’s enough, that YOU are enough? How can you be in your brilliance today and own it?

What else is possible for you if you open up even more to your flow and joy?