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This morning I was listening to a podcast by Tom Jacobs about being mindful what you allow into your field (i.e.: mind, energetic body, etc).  Not coincidentally, I ran into a post about something similar on Rose Rosetree’s blog about the recent tragedy in Japan.

In part she says:

Whether you are an empath or not, immersing yourself in the pain and suffering of others will not help them. Not for more than two minutes, tops. While you will carry around random bits of STUFF in your auric field for weeks, years, or longer. And that part is guaranteed, not hypothetical.

It got me thinking about how careful I am to avoid  images of tragedies like the earthquake in Japan or television shows where animals or children are hurt. That doesn’t mean that I am not aware of what’s going on. But I manage what gets into my field of vision because, like Rose points out, it gets imprinted on my energy field and that is not a good thing for anyone and most particularly not a hard core empath like yours truly.

I have a few places I go to online to get news (mostly written minus the pictures) but for the most part, I stay away from stuff that feels like the mass consciousness is being whipped into a orgy of fear, anger and helplessness.  Allowing myself to be dragged into that helps no one – not me, not the Universe at large. No one.

What about you? How do you determine what gets into your energy field?  Some days it’s hard to get away from the crap that floats around – political, pop culture (oh hai, Charlie Sheen!) and even in your own community/family.

What’s your filter?