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Get rid of those toxic cords of attachment that are affecting you every single day.

You don’t have to have someone else’s yuck running around in your energy field. (Why would you want it, anyway??)

Learn why it’s so so so beneficial to remove cords of attachment that are bogging you down in this week’s podcast.

And – there’s a special offer for podcast listeners only so if you’re ready to release what no longer serves you, let’s go!

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi again, and welcome back to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast! I’m Lisa from Practically Intuitive and thanks for tuning in.

This week’s topic is Energetic Cords of Attachment: What are they and how will your life be better once they’re gone?

First, let’s talk about what they are. Cords of attachment hold the energetic patterns between you and someone else – primarily the toxic patterns between you. Even when you end the relationship with someone, the patterns set in place during the time you were together flow back and forth in that cord 24/7.

Here’s an example: when my mom was younger, she had some trouble with math. Her mother told her “you are dumb when it comes to math” (yes, Grandma was not the most enlightened being in her early years!)

My mother believed this even as she grew quite proficient in math. She always heard the words “You are dumb” and grew to accept herself that way when she was anything but that.

So, in the cord of attachment between my mom and her mother, the energy of “you are dumb” flowed from my grandmother to my mom. All the time. All her life.

Let’s say that my mom chose to remove the cord of attachment from her mother. What do you think would be the benefit of NOT having the “you are dumb” file running in the background all the time?

It might have allowed my mom to see the truth of the situation rather than a judgment from her own mother.

And she could have owned her intelligence, especially around math, in her life.

When you remove the cord you essentially unplug from that toxic energy. It’s like unplugging a noisy air conditioner that no longer works well. It’s just noisy and you’re hot all the time, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just turn that off? Instant relief!

If you’ve got these patterns going on in your energy field all the time, they are affecting you on several levels – many of those levels are unconscious. But whether conscious or not, they affect you. How could they not?

When I do this work, I call in Divine Beings because they are the ones who have the highest vibration and can move energy like nobody’s business. Divine Beings include (but are not limited to) Archangels, Ascended Masters like Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, etc.

I always work with Archangel Michael because his strongest ability is to remove what no longer belongs. During a session, I will ask you to call in a Divine Being of your own choice who will assist us.

It’s the divine being who actually removes the cord – I’m just the facilitator down here in the third dimension. Once the cord is removed, that’s where I jump in and look at the patterns that were flowing in the cord itself, the dynamics of it and we talk about how it’s affected you. We also look at how things may be different for you now that the energy isn’t flowing into or out of you all the time.

That’s my favorite part of the process because sharing that information helps make not only the pattern conscious but illuminates the shifts that could happen for you as a result of removing it.

I’ve had many cords cut using this process and I’ve cut many more. It’s a beautiful and powerful process. Common cords of attachment are between parent and child, current and ex spouses and partners, co-workers, friends — anywhere you feel a big “charge” around a person.

My mom was 76 when she left the earth plane and she still talked about how her mother made her feel dumb. Think that’s not a cord of attachment that affected her all her life?

If you’re ready to release some toxic yuck and take back your own energy to use however you want, I’m ready to help you do that by cutting a cord of attachment.

And, as a special offer to my podcast listeners only, I’m taking $25 off the price of a cord cutting session. For the entire month of August, the sessions are just $125. Look for a special link to order these sessions on the Monday Morning email. (Note: This promotion has since expired, but you can still order a cord-cutting session with Lisa here.)

If you’re listening and you’re not on my email list, you’re missing out! Sign up for it right on the home page of Practically Intuitive. You can get the special price too – just shoot me an email saying you signed up and want the podcast price. That’s all you have to do!

Cords of attachment are real even though you can’t see them. Can’t see radio waves either but you sure do hear music when you turn that knob, right? They affect you in ways you don’t even realize. See how things can change for you by moving them out.

That’s all for this time but I’ll be back next Monday – this is Lisa from Practically Intuitive – thanks so much for listening! Have a wonderful week!

To book a cord-cutting session with Lisa, click here.