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Welcome to another edition of “Wandering Around Wednesday” where I share with you some of the sites I visit – some every day and others from time to time.

Come with me as I wander through the ‘net this Wednesday!

Patricia’s Wisdom
You might have seen Patricia in the comments here – she’s just a delight and a faithful blogger and commenting buddy! Willing to give 110% to whatever she does, Patricia’s blog is chock full of interesting thoughts, pictures and ideas.

Unfolding your path to Joy
Oh goodness – where do I even start with Joy’s blog? Like Patricia, Joy is a regular commenter here and she is one of the most amazing women I know. Her writing has a very light, almost fairy-like feel to it but the subjects she writes about are weighty. Whenever I visit her site, I leave feeling uplifted and JOY-full! If your day needs a bit of fairy dust, go see Joy.

Grandma’s Briefs
This grandma named Lisa is not your regular (grand) mommy-blogger. There are pics of her beloved Bubby and her family and she just has a way of saying things that make you feel as if you’ve known her forever. Plus, I won a little contest she had going on and she mailed me a dozen of *the best* chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. MMM! I had one every night (okay, two sometimes) with coffee and it was heavenly. I wish I made something cool like that to give away.

Productive Flourishing
Charlie Gilkey is the author of this site and he helps get you focused on *meaningful action (which does not, alas, encompass surfing random LOLcat pictures for two hours. (does it?))

“What, exactly, is meaningful action? It’s the synthesis of productivity, personal development, and creativity. It’s that sweet spot between incessant daydreaming and mindless doing.”

We all know that Practically Intuitive is about how to put your intuitive skills into action – perhaps even meaningful action! 🙂 Charlie gives you tons and tons of ways to do that. He’s a damn good writer (check out this post about climbing a mountain with his mom) and knows how to take a jumble of things and make sense of them. Lots to read, lots to learn at this site. (Plus – free stuff! I love that!)

Go meet some new friends! And if you have a couple sites that you really like, please put them in the comments. I’d love to visit!

(Requisite LOLcat picture for a Wednesday. Get used to it. I’m a dork.)

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