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Picture from here: http://jameswoodward.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/snow20angel-main_full.jpg I have always enjoyed getting readings from other intuitives just to see what comes through for me.  And I find that if you are open to the idea that you always -always- get what you need in that moment from each reading, amazing information comes through.

Speaking of which, I subscribe to a newsletter from Melanie at Ask Angels and in her latest issue, she offered a specially priced introductory channeled reading in MP3 format.  Melanie is a naturally gifted channel who works with the Archangels Metatron, Michael, Uriel and Azrael.  Given my natural curiosity about her work and what might come through for me, I jumped on the offer.

What a lovely surprise to get my reading just now – an eight minute message from Archangel Metatron.  The question I posed to her was this: “What is my next step at this time?” and the response, of course, answered that pretty specifically. Beyond the words, though, I could feel the high vibration her voice carried through. It was full of light and love.  I can describe it no other way.

And this is really what a good reading does for someone – fills them with light and joy and hopefully encourages them on to their next step.  Even if the information is not quite what you wanted to hear, trust that it is what you *need* at this time.  I have a pretty clear channel to my own guides and yet, there are still times when I like to hear the information from a different perspective.  If I am guided by my intuition to engage a reader, I do it because I know (and trust) that they will be bringing me something I need to hear and in a way that I can take it in.

As a fellow intuitive and channeler, I encourage you to check out Melanie’s site and perhaps sign up for the newsletter.   There’s a lot of information, channelings and it’s really pretty just to look at – the colors and the energy are so peaceful. I am adding her on to my links page which will have other intuitives and teachers that I’ve either worked with personally or from whom I’ve had a reading and feel good about recommending them.