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My, how time doth fly! Here we are again at TMI Tuesday where I bare all (well, mostly all) for your reading pleasure.

Today, I’m giving you five random facts about myself in no particular order. All I ask in return is one random fact about you in the comments. (Aren’t I nice?)


Fact #1: Once upon a time (15 years ago) I had four cats and a dog who slept in the bed with me. Live-in boyfriend told me that he couldn’t deal with the cats and I had to make a choice who slept in the bed. I got him a nice double bed for the other room and me and the cats (and Max) continued our sleeping arrangement. (I’m an only child – have always slept by myself (or with pets) and even now, hubs sleeps in the other room because he snores, goes to bed earlier than me and … well, cats.)

Fact #2: At the previous place of employ, I dubbed myself the “Minister of Fun” early on. Anytime I had to send an email to everyone in the office, I’d change up whatever “Minister of …” I was, often making fun of the subject matter at hand.

(If we had a lunch meeting, I’d sign it “Minister of ‘Get in here before all the food is gone” or something equally goofy.)

My last email to everyone saying goodbye was signed “The Minister of New Adventures”. Wonder what I’ll sign my first email when I go back? “Minister of Can’t Quit You“? hehe)

Fact #3: I have a weird compulsion to straighten things on shelves in stores. Mind you, I don’t work there. But as I’m browsing, I’ll straighten. This perplexes the hubs because I happily co-exist with clutter. I’m also very neat when I go to hotels, hanging things up and putting them all away. Don’t want the housekeeper to think I’m messy, right? (But do not come to my house on a surprise visit! I must have at least a day or two notice of your arrival so I can tame the clutter.)

Fact #4: Upon hearing that I was able to tune in and hear my cats speak to me, my mother said this: “Honey, are you sure you’re not going crazy?” – and she meant it!! This! From a woman who “just knew things but didn’t know how she knew them” but always trusted it! I’m pretty sure that ten years later, I’m (still) not crazy. And darned if I can’t hear Brogan’s thoughts, too. (But he’s easy. It’s true. You can probably hear them right now!)

Fact #5: I like to start things in the middle. If there’s a foundational piece to the training, I don’t like that. I want to jump in and go and really have to force myself to remember that I must have the basics down before I can jump ahead. It feels like I’m wearing a harness and I can’t run free. (Weird, I know.)

So, tell me ONE thing about yourself that’s a wee bit TMI. You’ll feel better once it’s out in the open, I promise!