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By Lisa Wechtenhiser


Today’s a-bit-longer-than-usual podcast is about what needs to sit on the sidelines when you get an intuitive reading. Can you guess?

Also: updates on “As the Universe Turns” and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Podcast #44: If you don’t want to hear the answer, don’t ask the question.

Hi and welcome to the Practically Intuitive podcast. This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com and I’m glad you’re hanging out with me.

In another episode of “As the Universe Turns”, I’ve been asked back to the former day job but this time just temporarily as I fill in for someone having surgery.  I’ll be there until the end of August and surprisingly, I’m really happy about going back.

I know. I know. Remember how I just about flew off the roof when it was time for me to leave? In the three months I’ve been gone, I’ve seen my sixteen year old doggie live through his last days, gone to workshops in Richmond Virginia and Scottsdale Arizona, created two new programs for my clients, taught two classes and was gifted with a puppy full of exuberance and energy.

This little introvert was surprised to learn just how much she needed and wanted the company of others.  For thirty years (give or take) my world was ordered by a day job.  And for better or worse, the people in those jobs gave me all the human interaction I could possibly want.

I longed for the peace and quiet of my creative space.  BroganDog’s company is lovely (some days!) and I do get to interact with others at the dog park but I still felt kind of lonely.   I came to learn that having those wonderful people in my life really filled me up.  It’s helped me realize that when I’m finished the six week stint there, I need to find ways to add this into my daily life in some way.  It’d be cool to find a place where I can do readings one day a week or something.  We’ll see what my Guides have in store for me!

So, that’s where I’ll be until summer’s end and happily so.  I will still be available in the evenings for appointments as I was before I went full-time.

In case you’ve noticed the up tick of posts on Practically Intuitive of late, it’s because I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge where we write a post a day for all 31 days of July.  I’m mostly staying with the woo but have switched things up and written about my Grandfather and even put a few favorite pinterest pictures up just for grins.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve visited blogs I wouldn’t have known existed were it not for this challenge.  And, you get lots of content from the stuff rolling around in my head.  Aren’t you excited?   J

Today’s topic comes from something I heard Robert Ohotto say in his course “Discovering your destiny in the shadow. “

He said:  “Don’t go for a reading until you are ready to hear guidance.   Do you really want the truth or do you want your ego’s agenda puffed up through what someone else is going to tell you?”

Let me ask you this: Have you ever gotten an intuitive or psychic reading and were told something you didn’t like? Or something that riled you up?

Early on in my professional career, I spoke with someone  who was trying to decide if she should uproot her entire family and move across country to take classes at a very, very pricey university.  Her Guides told her that she had every single thing she needed right now to do the work of her soul.  She didn’t need to do all that moving because she was ready right now, right where she was.

Guess what? She did NOT want to hear that.  Not at all. Not one bit.

How do I know this? She wrote me the next day telling me what an unprofessional reading I had given her, how disappointed she was in the quality of my work and that she wanted a refund of her $30.

Since this was the first (and still only) time I’ve ever gotten an email like that, I was stunned and hurt.  Did I really suck? Were my readings that bad? If so, why had no one told me this?

As I stood crying in the shower (yes, I really am that dramatic), my Guides said this to me:  “She didn’t want to hear what came through.  She wanted to hear that she should move so she could force her family to do what she wanted under the guise of “it’s her calling. She must go!”  When she didn’t get that information and, in fact, was told that she can start now, she was called out on her underlying reason.  And she did not like being called out.”

This goes back to what Robert Ohotto said: are you getting a reading so that you can puff up your agenda?  If so, at least know that ahead of time, right? Entire into it with consciousness.

When guidance comes through (whether it’s from an intuitive reader, your friend who tells you crap you don’t want to hear or some other place), it’s going to be what you need on a soul level.  Not an ego level.  Guides do not resonate on that egoic plane.  So they can’t (and won’t) give you suggestions or advice that satisfies your ego.

If you receive some information that you don’t like, ask yourself what you reject about it.  Does it not fit with your idea of what should happen? Look into why that might be with an open mind. Ask your Guides to help you understand the guidance and see how it fits in your life.

The key here is the open mind – when you go for a reading, open yourself up to whatever comes through and understand that it’s coming through for a reason.  You always have the option of not acting on that guidance, of course.  I’ll bet that former client of mine ended up doing just what she wanted to do all along.  That’s fine – there are lessons whichever way you choose to go.

But don’t go fooling yourself when you pay good money for an intuitive reading.  There are reasons you felt drawn to one person or another and that’s because they are the best messenger for you at that time.  They become your surrogate intuition, giving you the wisdom and information that you haven’t yet learned to trust coming from your higher self or team of guides.

If you want to know the answer to a question, be sure you are ready for stuff you might not be so eager to hear.  Ask your ego to sit on the sidelines so you can really hear what’s coming through.  And if it stirs stuff up, that’s a good time to work with a coach who can help you through it.

If I were working on a longer term basis with the client I mentioned earlier, I would help her look at why the idea of being ready now (rather than spending six years and over $200,000 she didn’t have) scared her so much.  Because that’s what the deal was.  I knew it and I bet she did too, on some level.

Bottom line: Know what you’re asking your intuitive reader and why.  Know if your ego has an agenda and at least be aware of it when you go.  You can make better decisions, get better guidance and choose wisely by being conscious of this sort of thing.

That’s all for this week.  If you’re a fan of Practically Intuitive on Facebook, you’ll be updated when each new post is published.  Join in the fun and conversation over there and here on the blog! I welcome your thoughts!  Also, I’ve got 23 more days’ worth of posts so if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to know more about, email me!  I imagine by day 27 I’ll be posting Brogan pictures and LOLcats because my head is just plain empty!  So, help a chick, okay?

Have a wonderful week – this is Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com – bye for now!