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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

So, yeah.  I started writing today’s post after reading comments on another blog that just got me all fired up.  And then I didn’t.  Here’s why.

I have issues with arrogance.

As in, I cannot abide it at all.

As in, I’m hyper-aware of it in others and often have a strong reaction to it.

As in, I want to go around and shake some sense into them.

However, doing that last part reeks of (wait for it!) … arrogance.

I know, right? Take out that plank in your own eye or so the saying goes.

I was getting all up on my high horse about new woo-practitioners acting as if they know every damn thing in the world and stating it like it’s fact.

Then this came across my FB feed and I felt chastened.


Fine, Universe. Fine. I hear you.


The person I was referring to seems to have a particular writing style that strikes me as “I know all there is to know about this and so I shall make such pronouncements as I wish.”  

You know.  All arrogant-like.

Once chastened by the Universe, I took another look at her blog and decided that it’s really more the writing style that pings me.  Yes, I do think she states things that are clearly her experiences as fact but I don’t think she means any harm.  Her intention was to inform.

Was her information wrong?  No. A bit on the ‘fear vibration’ but essentially not incorrect in my understanding of how woo works.

Did she do it in the same way I would? No.

But is her way wrong? No. It’s just her way.

So, what was my issue then?

Here’ s the thing to know about me: I am particularly attuned to words – spoken and written.  (Especially written.)

And when the energy feels abrupt, arrogant or insensitive, it really feels like I’ve been slapped. (I know. I know. Weird.)

When I read her words, the first thing in my head was “Who the hell are YOU to make these pronouncements?”

Guess who that’s really about?

Uh huh.


That judgment of the energy of her words had everything to do with me and pretty much nothing to do with her.  It’s an opportunity to look at where I might be carrying that energy in my life since it’s rising up and smacking me in the head through another person.

I’d rather not think I’ve got some arrogance inside me.

But I can’t miss the message of the Universe when it speaks so clearly.

I may not get the lesson today but what I DO get is that there is something for me to pay attention to.

Something that needs light and healing inside me.

Probably not a big thing but a thing nonetheless.

What pings you? Do you dare take a look inside yourself to see if it’s really about you? (hint: because it totally is, you know)

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