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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

consciousness2Last time I did the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I mentioned Matthew’s Messages and asked if they’re really that “far out”. (Some of you said yes, some said they weren’t sure.)

Matthew’s last transmission on July 4th again covered Earth’s ascension and the state of the Universe. He reiterated a message he shared in 2003 and I’m quoting a bit of it here:

“It is on three levels that you must act so that honorable governing bodies will be achieved. The first level is spiritual, and I’ll tell you what spiritual is NOT:

* It is not membership in any of the multitude of your religions.

* It is not the self-righteousness that is evident in great abundance.

* It is not escaping into a head-in-the-sand “prayer life.”

* It is not believing that neither good nor evil exists because those are only judgments.

* It is not accepting that everything is in divine order and will run its course without your participation.

* It is not refraining from seeing what is going on in your world because you’ve been told it’s all an illusion anyway. I am not saying that there is no truth in any of that; what I’m saying is that spirituality is not an inherent aspect of any.

The spiritual level on which you will change your leaders from being darkly-ruled themselves to people worthy of being leaders—true leaders with spiritual integrity—is within your hearts. That’s your usual depiction of where love resides, is it not? Actually, the sensation of love is a province of the soul, but it has strong physical effects at the heart that instantly spread throughout your entirety to uplift you in spirit, mind and body.

Love starts with self, with living so that loving self is as natural as breathing. Only then can you give and receive love. Love is contagious, unlimited, omnipresent. It is what changes bleakness of spirit into fullness of spirit, illness into health, lack into prosperity. It is the absence of love that breeds all the woes of your world, and it is filling the void with love that will cure the woes. This is not asking you to love what brings misery and deprivation and harm! It is asking you to simply feel love so you can send forth that energy—it will seek its way to the void.”

Stir anything up for you? Does it resonate or leave you cold?

(Remember that this is a lesson in discernment. Just because I find truth in the words Matthew shares doesn’t mean you have to.)

What I take away from those words is that you have to pay attention and participate in your life – in all aspects. Sure, you could allow it to just float by if you like. That’s free will.

But if your soul is to grow and expand the way it intended to do when it came here, you’ve got to step up. Open your eyes. See what’s going on around you.

If you notice, all the pieces Matthew mentions above have to do with being conscious. Living in consciousness. It’s calling all of us to step up just one level from where we are right now and look at things from a slightly different perspective. Be willing. Be open to ideas that maybe make you uncomfortable.

Just pay attention. You’ll see all kinds of things you didn’t before.

Then act on what you see.

Consciousness is all we are being asked for at this time.

How can you uplevel just one step today?