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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Over the years, I estimate I’ve spent about thirty billion dollars on my intuitive education.

Yes, thirty billion dollars.

Okay, probably not that much.

But close(ish).


Because I value my spiritual growth. Above just about everything else. Seriously.

It’s been said that you can see what your priorities are by looking at your bank account and what you spend money on. We don’t lie with our wallets, they say.

Look at my bank account and you’ll see purchases of books, classes, things to support my business, dog food and breakfast sammiches at Hardees. (Have you ever had their biscuits? Oh man! They are addicting!)

And that about sums me up. Learning, growing, creating my business, loving my dogs and carbs. (hahha, sad but true)

Invest in yourselfWhat it really does is tell the Universe (God / Creator / Source) where my priorities lie.

And so the message I’m sending is that I am willing to invest in myself through these things so that I can continue to evolve and grow into my soul’s work in this life.

(Not sure how the biscuits fit in there but let’s just say it’s an anomaly and leave it at that, shall we?)

What about you? Are you investing in your soul’s work?

What message are you sending? If it’s “I don’t have the money for that”, then more of not having money for those things is what you’ll get. The energy you hold inside you is KEY to what happens outside you.

I’ve mentioned before that David Neagle says coupons are “from the pit of hell”. I was horrified. I love coupons! (Especially Kohl’s 30% off ones!) But using them, according to Neagle, perpetuates a ‘lack mentality’. Meaning, you are saying “gotta save wherever I can because you never know what can happen and what if I don’t have money for that???”

Message to the Universe: I’m scared that there won’t be enough for me. What if I run out of money?

I hear you and I’ve had some of those very same fears go through my head many, many times.

Yet, from all I’ve learned about prosperity consciousness, the more you invest (in yourself, in what you love) the more is returned to you.

It’s a hard-to-learn-lesson for many of us, myself included. It doesn’t seem to make logical sense. I mean, if you have little and you spend it all, how is it possible you’ll get it back? You’ve spent it and now you have nothing, right?

Yes and no

What you spend it on is what flows back to you energetically.

Spend it on biscuits (let’s just say) and what flows back to you is …. extra junk in your trunk. (I can attest to this!)

Spend it on things that call you to expand and grow – guess what you get? Opportunities to expand and grow (and even recoup the money you put out because the Universe is ever abundant).

The Universe, besides being ever abundant, is neutral. What you put out is what you get back. There’s no judgment or shame.

So, if you put out the energy of “My growth (however that’s defined for you) is worth this money”, you will get back energy that supports that intention.

Put out “there’s not enough for me to do the things I truly want”, then you’ll get back the energy of “not enough”.

Action steps for today:

1) Take a look at what you’re spending your hard-earned money on. Check your bank account and see where your priorities lie. What message are you sending out to the Universe?

2) Have you invested in yourself recently? That could mean a massage, a class, a book or even just a few hours on your own. If you pick just one thing and “splurge” (whatever splurge means for you!), you are sending a new message out into the ether and new energy will come back to you. (Yes, it’s that simple!)

Affirmations aren’t just pretty words – what you think about, expands. What you do sends a message.

What message are you sending out into the Universe?

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