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Probably the most profound teacher in my journey in this life has been the amazing Caroline Myss. I went to a 3-day workshop she gave in 2004 called “The Wounded Healer” and recently found the notes I took during that workshop.

This one quote jumped out at me:

“When you know better and yet choose otherwise, you pay for it.”

With greater consciousness comes greater responsibility. When you know the power of words to hurt or heal another, for example, and you consciously choose to hurt someone, it’s going to come back to you in some fashion. Yes, that might be called Karma or “what goes around, comes around” but I think it’s more than that.

It’s really about your relationship with yourself.

1) How often do you not tell the truth? How often do you not say what you want and need? Do you hold back?

2) You sabotage your own development out of fear or some other emotion. You know what you need to do yet you choose not to do it.

3) What do you hold on to that makes you feel safe but you know it’s not for your highest good?

Are you in integrity within yourself? When you know words will hurt someone and yet you say them anyway because it feels good at the time, you are out of integrity.

And being out of integrity with your Higher Self leads to some mighty big ass lessons served up to you in a way you really might not like.

There are times when I think walking around in an unconscious way might be interesting – hell, you get to say what you want regardless of the consequences. I wouldn’t be surprised to find I have done that many times in past lives which is why I came into this one being so profoundly sensitive to that. I know better. I am choosing better.

(Also too: I really, really don’t want to get hit in the head with a damn life-cluestick-two-by-four!)

Here’s my question to you: What are you doing in your life right now that you KNOW you shouldn’t be doing? Yet you keep on doing it.

Choose one thing and see where you can make a shift *right now*. Not sometime in the future, not tomorrow. Right now.

Choose otherwise today. And stop paying for that lesson.