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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

PJ (left) and Brogan - my spiritual teachers

PJ (left) and Brogan – my spiritual teachers

Nope, not kidding you. My dogs are my spiritual teachers. (It helps that I can hear them, it’s true!)

If I had children, perhaps they and not the dogs would have been my teachers. No children for me this go-round so the job had to go to the dogs (ha!).

We got Brogan a year ago after our sixteen year old dog Max left us. Getting a puppy after having a older dog was like watching my head spin off my body and come back again.

Patience? hahahah I had none. Brogan aggravated the hell out of me.

Many, many days I wondered what I had gotten myself into. But here’s the thing: my husband loves this dog so completely and when I see that love, it spills out onto me. The bond between them is amazing to me and I know that Brogan was just what he (we?) needed when we needed it.

Lessons from Brogan:

1) There’s always time to play.
2) Eat your food slowly and deliberately.
3) Enjoy the small things like rides to the dump with your most favorite person.
4) Be the friendly one in any group because people like friendly.
5) Have I mentioned there’s always time to play? Enjoy it!

PJ joined the family at the end of April and Brogan was smitten with her almost immediately. Something nudged me to get her (okay, it was the words of one of my favorite people, Melissa who said “I saw the dog you were looking at on Facebook. You know, dogs like being part of a pack.”) DONE. I don’t know whether it was her timing or what but that was all it took for me to get the adoption rolling.

It was not an easy transition. At all. She was terrified of riding in cars and often got carsick. She loves to dig in the cat box for “treats”. She was both headstrong and stupid at the same time. I was regretful immediately and wondered if I could return her.

Then my coach told me that PJ was a gift to me from the Universe. I so wanted a dog to love me unconditionally (Brogan loves his dad that way. He likes me okay but dad’s the recipient of that love) and boy, I got her. But I had to get past some of her early quirks to find the sweet gifts inside.

I got past it, day by day by day. (Poor Brogan heard NO! NO! NO! so many times that he was like “What did I do NOW?” – we had to keep telling him it wasn’t him we were reprimanding.) And little by little, PJ became one of us.

Now, two months in, she’s in the groove and happy as a little monkey. In fact, we couldn’t have picked a better match for Brogan if we had gone into the adoption with that intention. They bonded immediately and love each other to death. And I get all the love and snuggles I needed from her. She’s my dog, loves me muchly and the Universe delivered what I needed when I couldn’t even put that into words.

Lessons from PJ

1) Even if you have “issues”, someone will really want you and love you for just who you are.
2) There’s always time for snuggling and loves.
3) You can sound all mean and growly and still have a heart of mush and gold.
4) Shine your heartlight wherever you go – others will see it and shine theirs too.

Who is YOUR spiritual teacher?

I know at least one of you has a goat as a teacher (waves to Julie ).

What about the rest o’youse?