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You know, I’d like to write about this topic from the vantage point of a wise woman – one who has been in this place and has managed to move beyond it.

But I can’t.

Right now, I’m knee-deep in it wishing for a fairy and a magic wand.

My mentor, Andrrea Hess, teaches that we are 100% responsible for everything that shows up in our life.  Everything. Not just the good stuff.  The bad stuff and the mediocre stuff too.

I was  journaling about my sadness and where my life is right now.  And as I wrote, Andrrea’s words came up and smacked me in the head.  Everything around me, everything in my life right now resonates with my current vibration.  If I don’t like what’s showing up, *I* must be the one to shift.  It’s not going to shift itself much as I wish it would.

And that’s what taking ownership of your life is about.  Recognizing that it all comes down to you.  Your choices.  Your vibration.

In every moment, YOU choose what you want in your life.  Don’t feel like making a choice?  Watch what shows up.  It’s bound to be wishy-washy crap. (I speak from experience here.)

Lisa’s true life story #985

In March, after 30 years with a daily work routine, I was gifted with the freedom to work from home doing what I love most.  Awesome, right? I thought so.  I almost flew off to the moon with joy.

That joy didn’t last too long as the first month was spent caring for my aging dog on his last days of life and hiding in a closet from mean words someone emailed me.  Once Max left this earth and I got back from a seminar with David Neagle, I was bound and determined to emerge from the closet and really show who I was.  Ideas and classes and joy came galloping back!

Then we got a puppy who required ALL of my time.

Ideas and classes and joy galloped right on back out.

I could get some stuff done but I was so focused on him that my creativity was nowhere to be found.  On top of that, I got a cold that sidelined me for over a week.  YEY me.

Classes? hahahah  Time alone? hahahhah

So, here I sit, looking at what I’m doing with my life and where I want to go with this gift and wishing for a fairy who would come save me.

Even those of us who are teachers still have much to learn.

And I need to remember that I make the choice to move or not.  To wallow in sadness and wish for someone to save me or acknowledge that I am the only one who can “save” me.

Me and my determined foot (in a pretty sandal, of course) are moving today.

What about you? Was there a time you were stuck and wishing for someone to save you? How did you move out of it?  I’d love to hear your story!