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By Lisa Wechtenhiser


Many new thought teachers say that you can’t get what you want until you know what you want.  Seems like kind of a duh moment, doesn’t it?

But how many of us can sit down and write out exactly what we want?

Without judgment.

Without fear.

Without that stupid voice inside your head saying “You’ll never have that!”

I bet every single one of us can list what we DON’T want! So why is it hard to claim what we do want?

Years and years and years of conditioning, of experience, of disappointment tell us that there’s no sense wishing for things that you can’t have. You’re just asking to be sad by doing that, dontcha know?

When I let myself dare to write down what I wanted, it was a really interesting, eye-opening experience.  Once I pushed past the “how come you want a BMW, Lisa?” and the “There is no way in hell you’ll ever live in a house overlooking the ocean” noises, I really had fun with this exercise.

I gave myself permission to dream, to want, to desire things I hadn’t before.  And that’s when the Universe can step in and help.

Once YOU know what you want, only then can your Guides and Teachers get to work.  Asking the Universe to send you something you’d like (without a clue what that is) is almost like calling Amazon and telling them to send you a little something.  How are they supposed to know what to send?  And how is the Universe supposed to know what you want?

If things aren’t showing up for you the way you’d like, maybe you need to be a wee bit more specific about it?

Start today and write five things you really, truly in your heart want. I can’t guarantee you’ll get them but I can guarantee the Universe will know how to put some of it in motion for you.

Ask and ye shall receive, so I hear.

So … ASK!