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Woo hooo!! I made it! 31 straight days of blogging! It was much easier than I thought. And I really enjoyed it! Hope you did as well.

To celebrate, I’m actually talking about the dog today!

(ha! You knew I would get there eventually!)

This is not the dog. It’s my Godson Peter. Isn’t he cute?

Five things I’ve learned by having a puppy

1) Routines help maintain sanity (mine and his!). He sleeps from 7pm-10pm and then I gently awaken him to go outside for an evening poo. He’s happy that I am on a schedule.

2) Socializing at the dog park is actually fun! It helps that he’s so cute that everyone is happy to see him (and me, by default).

Not as cute as the Godson but cute just the same

3) I have enormous compassion now for working moms who struggle to get out the door in the morning making sure everyone is dressed and has all their stuff. And I only have a dog on a leash. You can’t put your kids on a leash (can you?).

4) When I run out of small talk (30 seconds into any conversation because I abhor small talk), I can always default to discussing Brogan. People love talking about their dogs. Dog people are really nice.

5) Love takes time to build. The hubs is totally and madly in love with this dog. Me? I love him, yes, but it’s not like it was after 16 years with Max. Max was so like my child, I knew him inside and out. Brogan is like a little maniac who has come to stay with us for a while and I care about him but I’m waiting for that love to grow and deepen. I know it will. (I still really, really miss Max. Like big time.)

Thanks to everyone who left comments on all the posts for sharing your thoughts, for sharing my journey this month to step into the light more and for all the love and support.

It makes me really happy to know you are reading the stuff that’s in my head.

(Well, the stuff I put on here. You probably don’t want to be around there when I’m cleaning cat barf and whatnot!)