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There’s talk in political circles these days about how there are many people, services, products and wonderful inventions (oh, internets, I love you so) that helped get you to where you are.

Not surprising to anyone who knows me, I believe that we are a blend of those who have helped and influenced us (for better or worse) and not one of us got where we are today alone.

Not one of us.

Today, I’m thanking a few who have helped me get right here, right now. And wherever else it is I’m going. I am on my path because they helped me get there.

My Mom and Dad

Mom was an intuitive who “just knew things” but didn’t know what to do with that skill.

Dad was an aspiring priest who spent years in the Franciscan brotherhood before they kicked him out because of his health. (And yes, kicked him out – this was 1955, they told him to leave and gave him $50 and put him out on the street. Nice, eh?)

Together, they created me – an intuitive who “just knows things”, talks to angels and lives a deeply spiritual life. I am a blend of both their passions and gifts. I wouldn’t be me without them (literally and figuratively)

My Goddaughter Lauren

From her trip to Italy in 2004 right before she was diagnosed.

I talk about her here often – she’s the child of my soul and the sweetest, kindest, most loving person I’ve ever met.

When I jumped headfirst into the metaphysical, she trusted me enough to go there with me, even though it scared her very Catholic parents.

It was through her that I learned that the soul has lessons and intentions that make no sense to those of us who are watching and praying for other things to happen.

I learned to pray for what was in someone’s highest good and not for what my human self wanted.

And I learned that you can’t offer your life in place of another (I tried, oh how I tried, to bargain my life for hers) because it doesn’t work that way. Her soul had work to do and when it was done, she left.

She talks to me even now from the other side, letting me know that even though she’s no longer in the physical, she’s really *right there* with me like she always was. There will never be one day where I don’t miss her sweetly goofy self.

Mystery Person #33

I got squarely on my spiritual path after MP#33 departed my life quite abruptly many years ago. I had to come face-to-face with who I was and where I was going and in the depths of this depression, out came my intuitive gifts in full bloom.

This classic “dark night of the soul” could have only been put in motion by this person and in this way. For that and a lot of other reasons, it was a pivotal relationship in my life and they remain one of my greatest teachers.

The Hubs

Uncle Bill and nephew Luke

No one supports me more or wants me to succeed more than he does. Even though he doesn’t “get” a whole lot of what I do or even believes a lot of it, he believes in meย and makes it his work to support me in mine.

He’s thoughtful, he’s kind, and he has a secret little heart that he shows almost no one. (Except me and the dogs, pretty much.)

I am able to do my work in the world as I want because of his support. He’s my partner, my friend and my greatest ally.

It’s so funny that this post didn’t start out being about these wonderful people. I was going to write about teachers and mentors on my path but this is what came out of my fingers today. I figured somehow my Higher Self bypassed the ego and went straight for the heart. Who knows?

Who are the people who have helped you on your path in some way?

Do you know who they are or what their role has been in that process?

And to show you that I support you on YOUR path, if you leave a comment on this post, I’ll enter your name in a contest to win a 30 minute reading – FREE!