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Taking a break from all the seriousness of the last two posts, I’m going to reveal some deep dark secrets now. You must do the same in the comments. (Okay, you don’t HAVE to but wouldn’t it be fun (for me!) if you did it??

Deep Dark Secret #1

I have a sekrit boyfriend. And yes, my husband knows. And he’s fine with it.

Why? Is it because we’re cool swinger peeps who just roll that way?  (Pardon me while I stop laughing!)

Is it because hubs knows I’m too fabulous for just one man? (Well, that part IS true. Hubs just doesn’t quite see it that way … yet!)


It’s because my sekrit boyfriend is singer David Cook and while I’ve met (and hugged) him, hubs has no worries that a 29 year old singer will swoop into town and steal his (old-enough-to-be-Dave’s-mother) wife away.

However, upon occasion, a certain woo-woo chick harbors that secret fantasy.  We won’t mention her by name. That might prove to be embarrasing to a certain someone who fancies herself above all that sort of thing.

(The story of me asking Dave to sign it this way is hilarious.  Bless his heart. I’ll save that for another TMI Tuesday.)

Deep Dark Secret #2

With the possible exception of my cousin Mary (who is, truly, very nearly perfect in every way), I am quite possibly the most unselfish only child you will ever meet.

It may be that’s because I’m an empath so I kind of know what you need/want before you know what you want/need  but I’m not sure.  Cousin isn’t an empath and she’s one of the most giving people I know.  So that blows that theory pretty much.

Now, I’m not saying I’m the most unselfish, period.  Because that would be rude.

However, for an only child (and you know what they say about those horribly spoiled only children, don’t you??), I’m quite giving.  Especially if I love you. But even if I don’t, I like to take care of people and make sure they’re happy.  So yeah, unselfish (for an only kid).  That’s me!

Deep Dark Secret #3

I lean toward the tin-foil-hat crowd now and again.  If you’re not familiar with what that’s about, here’s a brief explanation from Wisegeek:

“The term tin foil hat is generally used as a derogatory remark toward someone advancing a conspiracy theory or other story that is considered incredible. It appears to have been coined to describe people who claimed UFO sightings or claimed to have been previously abducted by aliens. It was suggested that such a person might wear a tin foil hat in order to keep aliens from intercepting his or her brainwaves. However, there are some people that actually construct tin foil hats, believing they will protect against mind control programs, radio waves, and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).”

Some people also say that those who promote conspiracy theories or government conspiracies are part of a tin foil hat brigade, or a tin foil hat group.

Now, I don’t go ’round wearing a hat of any sort because I just can’t carry it off well.  I do believe that there is some validity to various conspiracy theories, though.  I spent a little too much  time reading  the collected works of David Icke and although I can’t wrap my head around the idea of Dick Cheney as one of the elite lizard people , it totally wouldn’t surprise me to learn it was all true.   I’d be all “yeah, I kinda knew that” and continue going about my business.

(As an aside, I had to stop reading Icke’s work because I got so damn depressed by it all that I went into a well of sadness.  Yes, I think pieces/parts of what he says make sense. But if it really IS true, then it’s sad to see so much evil in the world. My sweet little self cannot hold that thought long before ‘ploding.)

Like I said in yesterday’s post, what has been seen cannot be unseen.  When you start looking at weird connections in any depth, things appear that will shock and surprise you.  Keeping an open mind and seeing what resonates and what doesn’t helps.  Looking on the bright side and doing your best helps, also too.

More secrets to come next TMI Tuesday!!