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By Lisa Wechtenhiser


Is your email overflowing with the 8,000 newsletters you subscribed to over the years?

Are you being bombarded with “experts” telling you that their class will solve all your problems and make you an internet millionaire?

Is your Facebook feed littered with “friends” talking about the most inane things imaginable?

I say “Stop the Noise!” – just turn it all off.

You cannot hear that “still small voice” inside you with so much noise going on all around you.

I know I couldn’t.

Several years ago, at the urging of a teacher, I went on an “information fast” where I tucked away all the newsletters I subscribed to, the notifications of this class or that and everything I deemed noise.

And even though I had a few small fears around missing some good deal (Groupons, baybee!) or the discount on a class, it went away after a few days and I got used to the peacefulness. I unsubscribed from all those random newsletters (many whose subject matter no longer resonated with me) and never looked back.

You cannot hear your own self think with others screaming at you, right? It’s no different with the information we allow in.  Just like what I wrote about in yesterday’s post on fear porn, until you become aware of the effect of this stuff on your energy, you can’t really change it.

Just for the next few days, look at what scrolls by on your Facebook wall.  Is this information you want to allow into your energy field? Someone on my friends list put up an anti-choice poster showing an aborted fetus yesterday.  That got hidden the moment I laid eyes on it.  Not letting that in.  One more from that person and they get hidden on my feed.  You have the choice to turn off (or hide from your feed) that noise.  Just because they post it doesn’t mean you are obligated to take it in.

Look at your email for the next few days, too.  What newsletters or advertisements are coming in that no longer resonate with where you are now? Click UNSUBSCRIBE on those links and be done with it.

Start paying attention to the NOISE in your life and seeing where you can make a change to bring in some quiet so that you can hear what’s going on inside YOU.  You’re gonna need that guidance with things getting energetically chaotic heading into the end of the year.



And speaking of learning to hear that voice: Gin White of Subtle Harmony and I have whipped up a wonderful four-week teleclass on how to not only hear that voice but learn to trust it, too!

Go to Trust Your Intuition Bootcamp and get on the list to be notified when the registration goes live (hint: this weekend).  You’ll get a sweet discount that’s only available to those subscribers so be sure to get your name on the list if you’re interested in really, truly trusting your inner wisdom.