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Getting down to the blogging wire here – and today I’m revisiting a post I wrote about two years ago on soul stamina.

“The challenge is not whether we are worthy enough to receive guidance, but whether we are courageous enough to respond to it.” – Caroline Myss

Soul stamina, a term she talks about even today, basically means the ability to do the work given through guidance releasing the need to know why you are asked to do it. Acting on the knowledge that it’s given to you for reasons that are for your highest good.

As I re-read my words from almost exactly two years ago, I feel even more sure of them now. I wrote “A soul with stamina responds to the work put in front of them.” and that still feels so right to me.

While I believe and act from a place of knowing that we choose what happens to us in our life, there are times when the Universe moves things around in such a way that you know you’re there for a reason.

You know it.

And even if you don’t know the reason, there you are.

You act from a place of pure trust, as I did in the story I shared in that older post.

After a while, acting from that place of trust becomes second nature to you. The more you do it, the more integrated into your soul it becomes until it’s just who you are.

That’s when you know your soul has stamina.

Living out your purpose requires that stamina. Each of us gets it in our own way and how I build it will not be the way you build it.

But build it you must (she said, in her best Yoda impression) because getting the lessons you set up in this lifetime depend on it.