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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

As promised yesterday, here’s a review I did for the spring edition of Pathways Magazine. I love reading books about what goes on after we leave our physical body and this one definitely gave me lots to think about.

afterlife book coverI’ve reviewed a few books that have to do with life after death, a topic I find fascinating. Most authors usually find their way toward that subject through personal experience of having lost a loved one.

“Afterlife: Uncovering the secrets of life after death” is no exception. Losing his wife of just four years to a heart and lung condition, Eaton was devastated and sought to find a way to re-connect with her on the other side.

“My earlier fear of death now turned into a desperate need to be with Judy. If I could have walked through a door and joined her I would gladly have done so, but it wasn’t to be. Little did I realize that Judy’s death was to be the re-awakening of my connection with the world of spirit.”

Clearly, he’s not a novice at working with spirit and this book digs deep into the questions many of us would like to know. For example, there’s a whole chapter on whether or not sex (as we know it) exists in the afterworld. (Short answer: yes. Longer answer: not quite the same way we experience it here in the physical – it’s called “melding” over there and according to what Eaton’s learned, it’s pretty damn spectacular.)

Perhaps you want to know other answers such as whether suicide is punished or if we’re being watched from afar or what it’s like inside “the healing centre” (where souls go to reflect on the events in their physical life before they move on to the next plane of existence) – all answered in a way that satiates curiosity and begins deeper, inner work.

In the chapter on Soul families and Soul mates, I found this interesting gem:

“We do not incarnate with our full spirit energy, which may surprise a lot of people. We are able to choose how much of our energy we wish to take into each life. This means there is always a small but significant part of ourselves remaining in the spirit world. This is often referred to as ‘the higher self’. So when we are reunited with our soul family, there will be those who are there in full energy, while some will be there at a much lower energetic level. However, in effect, we do recommend with the entire group.”

Isn’t that fascinating? Eaton says that a small part of our soul remains with our soul group and we have the ability (when working with and through the higher self) to bring through the wisdom that is available at that level. Why would you NOT want to have access to that?

In this book I found things I already knew (and his words validated that knowing), things I didn’t know (so I added it to my mental storehouse of nifty stuff about the afterlife) and things I have to ponder on to see if they truly resonate with me. To my ever-curious mind, books with that much meat are priceless. This is one to savor, bit by bit and really check in with yourself and see what it stirs up. It could very well be the start of a whole new path for you!

Barry Eaton is an Australian radio and television personality and currently hosts an internet program called “RadioOutThere.com