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I’m not sure how I found this person’s blog or even how long ago. She posts sporadically but when she does, it’s often packed with great wisdom.

Judith’s post yesterday called “The Dark Knight of our Collective Soul” really spoke to me because it looked at the heinous events in Aurora Colorado through spiritual eyes.

In times like these, with great turmoil roiling just beneath the surface, it helps to see the larger picture.

That’s why I place great faith in Matthew’s Messages (I see some of you clicked on that yesterday – wise words and I find a great comfort) because it offers a perspective I do not have.

Please read the whole thing – I am quoting just a bit here because it is long but each piece is put together carefully so that you get the full understanding of where we, as a group of souls incarnated on planet Earth at this time, stand and the decisions that lie before us.

Judith Rich is one of the great spiritual teachers walking around in regular person’s clothing. There are many out there and while we don’t always say it so eloquently as she does, we do understand it at deep levels that perhaps haven’t surfaced yet.

(BTW, I am not claiming to be a ‘great spiritual teacher’ but I can say that I am definitely apprenticing for the role in this lifetime!)

“There are 7 bil­lion peo­ple on the planet, and each of us mat­ters. You mat­ter. Your con­scious­ness mat­ters. It’s that sim­ple. It’s that com­plex. It’s com­plex because the major­ity of us still believe in the illu­sion of sep­a­ra­tion. In our sleep­ing state we have momen­tar­ily for­got­ten the truth, which is that we’re all connected.

This is a dif­fi­cult con­cept for human­ity to grasp. It cer­tainly doesn’t look like we’re all con­nected when we go around hurt­ing each other. Nor does it feel like we’re all con­nected. But the truth is, we are. It’s time to become more skill­ful in help­ing our human fam­ily get this one.

In the illu­sion or the dream of sep­a­ra­tion we’re dri­ven by fear, which pro­duces the expe­ri­ence of scarcity. Scarcity and insuf­fi­ciency appear to be the pre­vail­ing winds of our time. This is not the truth. This is part of the dream of sep­a­ra­tion. Out of this dream of scarcity, greed is born. And out of this greed, more scarcity is pro­duced. And if our indi­vid­ual and col­lec­tive con­scious­ness accepts this as the way it is, then that becomes the way it is by right of consciousness.”

What are your thoughts? I’m in total agreement with her on every point she makes.

Did you learn anything new from what she wrote?

Did it open your eyes to something you hadn’t seen before?

Do you disagree and if so, about what?

Spill it in the comments below.

(Biggie ups to all who are leaving me comments … I’ll be answering them soon! But they are read and appreciated!)