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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Did you know I am the metaphysical book reviewer for Pathways Magazine? It’s true! And I get sent more books to review in a month than you can possibly imagine. (You bet it’s damn cool!)

Today, I’m sharing one of those reviews from the Spring 2013 edition. Tomorrow, I’ll share the other one on “Afterlife: Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death” by Barry Eaton.

Contact Your Spirit Guides

CYSG Book CoverContact Your Spirit Guides

It’s a not-very-well-kept-secret that I am a channel for Spirit Guides myself and I’m particularly skilled at seeing the answers to questions show up in all kinds of places. But when I asked for the next step on my journey, the last place I thought I’d find it was on Pinterest.

Filled mostly with pictures of food and clothing and cool quote graphics, Pinterest is an interesting (and rather addictive) place to visit. Who knew that’s where my own team of Spirit Guides would share the answer to my question? This book came across my path on Pinterest and I got that PING! I get when I need to pay *extra* attention. So I did. And boy, am I glad! (Those Guides just rock at stuff like this!)

I’ve read a lot of books on the subject of Spirit Guides and while many of them have accurate information,some can come off to me as floaty, ethereal, kind of “fairies in trees” sort of things. It’s time for something that matches the current elevated state of consciousness.

“Contact Your Spirit Guides” by Asandra is exactly that book.

“Asandra is a conduit for Master Spirit Teachers exclusively with a focus on assisting individuals in the fulfillment of their souls’ highest journey.” In addition to being a beautifully clear channel for over 27 years, she is also a renowned artist with paintings exhibited in many fine hotel chains across the world. Her writing is clear, concise (not at all flowery and ethereal – my personal bugaboo in the spiritual world) and she has a way of bringing high-level concepts down to a personal level. And that’s where the new consciousness is taking us – understanding that the answers are all within us – not “out there” somewhere.

“If you seek guidance and inspiration daily, life becomes more graceful, directed and inspired. Once you become accustomed to the presence of Spirit, it is invaluable to utilize the connection in your daily life. This is not about creating a dependency on the Guides. On the contrary, we are seeking a working relationship with Spirit.

The vision of what you want to create comes from within you. When you reach out to your Spirit Guides for assistance, they can make the process of fulfilling your soul-based desires easier. After all, they see the overview of our path and direct us with that level of clarity.

Ultimately, the relationship between you and Sprit becomes a deeply comforting one. To know that there is loving support in the universe that is aware of your specific needs is profoundly reassuring.”

I don’t think I could sum it up any better than that. Working as partners with your team of Guides in Spirit IS an amazing way to move forward in your soul work here on Earth. This book takes that concept and really helps you put it into place in a way that integrates it into your life. Not the life you want to have (“When I have time, I’ll meditate and go to Yoga class, etc” ) but the life you live right now, right today. Start wherever you are. (And take this book with you!)

Each chapter builds on the one before it, explaining what Spirit Guides are, how a conscious alliance with them makes shifts and changes much easier and finally, offering specific steps to help anyone get in contact with their own team. In addition, Asandra channels her own Guides who give us a perspective on lessons for humanity in general – so needed at this time of planetary energetic chaos.

What I really loved about “Contact Your Spirit Guides” is that it holds a high vibration and yet is really down-to-earth. Trust me when I tell you that is sometimes very hard to do! Regardless of your level of knowledge about working with these wonderful beings, you’ll find something that will open a door for you between these pages. I’ve had many years of being a clear channel for them and I found quite a few AH-HA’s in there.

If you are building a metaphysical library that you can also use as a resource, this book is a must-have. I’m so glad I listened when my Guides dropped it into my (Pinterest-loving) lap!

“Ultimately, the proof of this guidance comes when our life falls into alignment. We feel connected to Source and on purpose. There is a sense of great expansion that cannot be imaginary. The synchronicity of a life fulfilled is the confirmation that authentic guidance is present in our lives.”

And to that I say a rousing YES!