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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

royal catLet’s pretend I’m the Queen, okay? (In my own kingdom, I totally rule, yo!)

This Queen wishes to pay tribute to those who help her do the work of her soul each and every day.

First up: my best friend, my partner in snark, creator of my pretty website and all around awesome chick – Anni Hayden Lane of Intuitive Picture

If you have just one friend like this in your life, consider yourself richly blessed because I surely do.

She’s been with me in good times, in not-so-good times and she treats this site like it’s her baby. Full of heart, love and extraordinary graphic skills, Anni’s my bestie even though we have never met in person. I would not be where I am today without her help, love, support and willingness to keep me looking forward and moving even through the hard times and celebrates with me all the good times, too. If ever there’s a power behind this girl’s throne, it’s Anni.

Next up: my coach and my confidant since 2009: Jaelin Reece of Illuminations Network She makes deep healing work seem effortless and always knows when to guide me to the next level. Funny and smart (not to mention she’s able to hear my guides better than I hear them), Jaelin was the right person for me at exactly the right time. She models the very best things a coach can be and I’m happy the Universe delivered her to me just as PI was getting started.

Finally, the masculine power behind this girl’s throne – my husband Bill (also known online as “Duty” because 20 years in the Navy teaches one to be oh-so-dutiful).

Despite not really “getting” what it is I actually do, he supports me in the very best way he knows how. Whether I’m spending a week at a seminary on a hill in Oklahoma, considering walking on fire with Edwene Gaines or spending my evenings writing or doing readings, he’s always there, pushing me to go higher and higher and be my best self. Many’s the time early in our marriage that I wondered why we were drawn to each other because we are so different. Hindsight, she is 20/20 because he is the rock that grounds me so I can fly. (I loves him muchly.)

None of us walk our path alone (unless we choose that, of course). I am fortunate to have so much love and support around me even though what I’m doing is sometimes hard to understand if you’re not familiar with “the woo”.

The cool thing is, all you have to do is commit to your soul work and ask the Universe (God / Creator) for whatever you need to help you do that and POOF! It shows up. It really does. May not look like what you expect but sure enough, it’s what you need.

Sending much love and enormous thanks to all those who make my path a bit smoother from intuitive friends, clients and those of you reading and leaving comments. You all really do lift me higher.