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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

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You might be surprised at what searches I see on my site although I’m not.

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Looks like energetic healing and how to move out some of those pesky entities are on everyone’s mind lately. I thought I’d give you some direct links to those topics right here. (Did you know I have three years of articles on here? I like to write, as you can see!)

Astral Entities

Astral Entities 101: How they get stuck and how to remove them – they’re not evil spirits haunting your ass. They are merely those souls who have left their physical body and are in transit. Perhaps there’s some fear about that transition. Who knows? Suffice it to say, you do not need to allow them to siphon off your own energy. Shoo! Be gone with you, now!

And Are you hanging out with astral entities? – there are probably many more fun (incarnated!) souls to hang out with than these dudes. In this article, I list ways to know if you have some in your own aura. Be sure to close your energetic doors so they don’t sneak back in!

Finally, a podcast (transcribed in case you’re not an aural kind of person) – “I’m in your aura, stealing your energies” – Self Protection from Negative Astral entities In this podcast, I share a little affirmation that helps keep your aura free and clear of the astral critters.

Energetic Cords of Attachment

The sessions of aura healing and transformation through severing cords of attachment are among the most profound work I do in my practice. If you’ve never had an opportunity to experience the amazing work of Archangels Michael and Raphael, this is one of the places where they shine. Not familiar with what this is exactly? Read on and learn!

Three Reasons to Cut a Cord of Attachment – Here’s one BIG reason: Empowerment! Take back your power from places you’ve given it away (or had it stolen!) – see what it feels like to move that energy back into your own system for your own use.

Toxic Cords and Why They Need to Go shares a real-life example of how removing a cord could have helped my mom enormously in her life. (I only wish I knew how to do that back then.)

In this article, I talk about the role of Divine Beings in the removal of an energetic cord – it’s Archangel Michael who does all the heavy lifting. I’m his partner down here in the physical. It takes big, high vibrational energy to do this work so that’s why we call in the big guns. Always work with Divine Beings when you do any kind of healing work because they can hold the energy needed to create big shifts.

If you have some energetic healing work to be done, I’ve got some mad skillz!

I’m a clear channel to your team of Guides and Teachers and I am also a wonderfully high vibrational healer who can help you move out blocks and restrictions getting in your way. One session is often enough to move you through something that’s blocking you now and of course, if you’d like to do some in-depth work, I’d love to support you in that as well.

Visit the “Work with me” page for all the details on doing just that!