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Lisa Wechtenhiser

You might find what I say below controversial. You might not. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic if you wish to share.

“I apologize in advance if this offends anyone here, but I have to say it. If I read one more blog post or Tweet about God “watching over” or “blessing” anyone who escaped from that movie theater the night before last, I’m going to lose it. In other words, those who died just weren’t worthy of the protection? Do those who make these statements to others have any idea how offensive they are?”

I saw this post on my Facebook wall this morning and it was exactly the same sentiment that went through my head while reading a story about a couple who escaped the Colorado massacre mostly unharmed. The father in the story said “Where the gunman came in, we were going to sit right there,” Rohrs told ABC News today. “God was definitely with us and watching over us. I just thank God we sat where we did and showed up late.”

And I thought “So, what is he saying? That God wasn’t with the others who didn’t make it out alive?”

I’m guessing he didn’t mean that and was just relieved that he and his family weren’t harmed.

Still, I had the same thoughts as the person who posted on the Facebook wall. How do we know God wasn’t with those who were killed?

This is my opinion here so take that for what it’s worth to you: God (Creator, Universe, etc) is with us at all times, in all ways.

Those who died in that massacre had a soul desire to leave in that way or they wouldn’t have been there.

(Not on a conscious, human level so don’t misunderstand me, please.)

Those who were not killed or wounded had a soul desire to remain in a physical body at this time.

Regardless of what their soul decides, God is there. Period.

Each of us is accorded a soul and free will. We choose a physical experience and the lessons that come with it to learn and evolve our soul. We use that free will to decide when our work here is done. (Again, on a soul level. Surely on a human level, we’d all die peacefully in our sleep when we’re 90, right?)

It’s my understanding that God doesn’t “save” one but not another for reasons known only to Him.

It’s my understanding that God gave us free will and supports us as we make our decision and evolve our soul.

We mourn those who leave this world and feel compassion for those left behind. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that God saves some but not others.

No matter what we choose, God is there.

Your thoughts?