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Looking through an old stack of stuff, I found some pages of notes I had taken when I was working through Caroline Myss’s wonderful book Entering the Castle: Finding the Inner Path to God and Your Soul’s Purpose

It’s a wonderfully dense book filled with all manner of wisdom and guidance. (Maybe I should go back to it!)

“Mystical service means modeling calm in chaos. kindness amid anger, forgiveness at all times … to live, in other words, mindful that every second offers a choice either to channel grace or withhold it.” (p. 29)

She asks these questions for contemplation and while I don’t have all the answers yet (why not, Lisa???), working on these gave me some clarity. Maybe for you, too?

1) What does it mean to you to live and act consciously?

2) How conscious do you want to be? (This one is tough because once you know (truly know) and understand how things fit into a bigger picture, it’s harder to pretend you don’t. What has been seen cannot be unseen.)

3) If given the choice between more consciousness and more money, which would you choose and why? (I think you know my answer. But how about both? Surely, I can have that, yes?)

Myss says “the goal is not perfection but to live consciously and in accordance with the highest degree of truth that your soul can maintain.”

I love that last bit – ” … the highest degree of truth your soul can maintain”.

What does that look like for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Day 3 awaits and it will be something a bit less serious. How about TMI Tuesday? See you tomorrow!