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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

The-Four-Spiritual-Laws-of-ProsperityThis week I am taking an up close and personal look at the work of Edwene Gaines through her book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance.

Tuesday we covered Tithing and how it’s an acknowledgement that all abundance comes from Source / Creator / God.

Wednesday focused on forgiveness of self and others as a daily spiritual practice.

Prosperity Law #3: Setting clear and unambiguous goals and dates by which you intend to achieve them.

Here’s the thing about goals: they’re nice to have. They look pretty on paper. But if you’re not actively out there working them, they don’t mean squat. They don’t. They’re just words on a page.

Putting the energy of passion and commitment behind them – well, now you’re talking! You have to really and truly BELIEVE you can have it and you really have to want it to believe that.

In her book, Edwene lays out “10 Steps to Successful Achievement” listed below:

1) In a notebook, dedicated to your goal setting program, write down all of your desires, no matter how large or small.

2) Choose the 12 most important desires and write them on this paper in order of importance to you. Be very specific.

3) Be open and receptive to change. Pray daily, “Creator/Source/God, what must I change about myself in order to achieve my goals?”

4) Determine the date by which you desire to achieve each goal.

5) Read your goals at least three times every morning and every evening.

6) Imagine yourself achieving each goal.

7) Accept your success now. Act as if you had already achieved. Take positive action toward your goals.

8) Don’t tell others. Keep your goals private, between you and God. (Exception: your coach, mastermind group, people you trust who won’t rain on your parade.)

9) Cross off the goals as they are achieved and continue to add new ones.

10) Remember, God’s highest law is LOVE.

Here’s what I found (and this whole thing is a work in progress for me)

** 12 goals said out loud 3x morning and evening is a lot for me. I narrowed it down to 3. And still, I forget to do it lots of days. It’s okay, I just keep on walking.

** It was not as easy as I thought. I would write something down (I want a blue Mini-Cooper, for example) and my ego would say “Ain’t no way, no how you’re getting that so cross it off your damn list.” That one is a stretch for me to believe. So, I decided to table it until my believing muscle gets a bit stronger.

** It’s work to get my snarky ego out of the way. It’s work not to judge what I want. I mean, why do I need a new car? I don’t. Do I WANT one? Yeah, I sorta do. Who knows why. Letting myself just want something for no reason other than I just want it? That’s a tough one for me. Not “out of reach” tough but definitely a stretch.

The point of doing all this “busy work” about writing and speaking your goals is that the more energy you put behind something (authentic energy), the more it can flow to you. When you make it a daily spiritual practice, you are not only speaking your desire out into the Universe, you are affirming to yourself the faith you have in the Universe to support you in your desire.

These practices resonate so loudly with me that I couldn’t ignore them if I tried. That’s when you KNOW the Universe is pointing you in a direction with enormous rewards for you. The bigger the push, the bigger the reward.

So, if this doesn’t resonate with you in the big way that it does with me, don’t feel left out. Don’t feel it SHOULD resonate if it doesn’t. This is, as I said the other day, but one path. My path, yes. Maybe yours, too. Finding what gets you to the next step all you need.

To get to that next step, you have to be clear about what you want.

What is it YOU want?

Do you know how to get there?

If not, I invite you to try the process laid out above for a month and see how it feels to you.

Tomorrow I’ll look at Spiritual Principle #4: Finding out your divine purpose in this world and diving in, headfirst!