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You all are lucky I like you, that’s all’s I’m sayin’. Here are some pics of yours truly from great moments in Lisa history (heh)

This was taken in 1999 when I was at my friend’s house holding her niece, Eve. I thought it was cute that I was showing both my maternal side (baby) and my wild side (reading Playboy because yeah, Playboy was so wild, yo.)
It was one of the pictures I had on the personal ad to which the now-husband responded. He said it “intrigued him”. He also said “I bet there’s never a dull day with you.” hahahhah I bet he regrets those words! heheh

AH! Wedding Day has arrived and I was all about looking like a princess. Yes, I even rocked a crown but you can’t see it here. (Don’t you wish you could, though?)

This is my beloved kitty, Midjull, who was in the process of shuffling off this mortal coil.

As you can see, I was pretty torn up about it. My friend Cathy remarked that Midge looks pretty placid and I’m the one all teary-eyed and upset. Loved that cat – he wasn’t too bright but he was my sweetie.

This is what you look like when you wait in August heat for over four hours just to see your beloved sekrit boyfriend. He looks great. I look like an old lady. Still, I got to touch meet him and that was awesome!

See? Four years later and I’m so happy to be feeling up meeting sekrit boyfriend again. We are both older (alas) and wiser. (Some of us are fatter, not naming any names.)

Here I am apparently attempting to look cute. This is about as good as it gets for me these days. And you know what? That’s okay! 🙂