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Unbalanced Cat

We all like to turn off the noise in our head sometimes, right? And there are lots and lots of ways to do that. Meditating, walking, writing, going to the gym, etc.

But when does it become more than “just turning off the noise”? When does it become a place to hide?

Confession: I love the internets. Always have. I am more at home in front of a computer screen than I’ve been in any place in the world. Maybe sad, but definitely true. When I notice that most of my online time is playing games or listening to podcasts, I know I’ve gone from light escape to hiding.

You can hide anywhere in the world – it doesn’t have to be where others can’t see you.

I have a friend who hides in her gym. When the stress gets too much for her, she will obsessively attend these classes and it doesn’t matter if she has to get up and run at 5am, go for a class at 8am and go again in the evening. Whatever it takes for her to do that, she does. She’s hiding from something because it’s gone from a healthy habit to obsession. That’s the core piece here.

When something is out of balance in your life, look at what is going on.

When I spend five hours of my day floating from one site to another and having nothing productive to show for the time I spent, it’s a big flashing red light to me that something is going on.

Pay attention to that. My friend mentioned above loves physical activity so unlike me, her escape is the gym. After all, she can argue, she’s being all healthy and doing stuff for her body, right? (Alas, I cannot argue the same for net surfing for five hours.)

I’ve mentioned this before but ANYTHING taken to an extreme, whether it’s technically healthy for you or not, means you’re out of balance. And like the kitty in the LOLcat picture up there at the top, if you’re unbalanced and you fall, you probably won’t land on your (little cat) feet.

Sound like you? There’s lots you can do to get balanced again and recognizing it is the very first step.

When I notice I’m goofing off more than usual, I close my computer and walk outside. I play with Brogan or I give attention to something in my house that needs it. Recently, I got so fed up with the clutter in my house that I spent some time clearing out cabinets under the bookshelves and giving away A BUTTLOAD OF STUFF. Got me right out of my stupor.

Tell me: where do YOU hide? Do you know why?