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Someone I dearly love and respect has fallen back into some addiction patterns they had earlier and it makes my heart so sad to see it. It really tests my whole “lessons are everywhere” theory and not because I don’t believe it but because watching someone learn those lessons in a very painful way is just gut-wrenching. (And I can only imagine the depth of their pain – it must be enormous.)

How do I help?

DO I help?

Is helping enabling?

All these questions ran through my mind the other day and I have no answers, unfortunately.


One of the things I do know from my work is that very often there are astral entities hanging out around those who have addictions. Alcohol and other drugs can create holes in your aura and that’s sort of a doorway for those seeking a ride on your energy to come in.

What I can do from a distance (without crossing their boundary of free will) is to clear the entities that are present. At least then, they will have only their own energy to deal with and not have to fight the additional (unknown to them) battle of losing energy to these spirits.

Of course, if they continue with the addiction, they are unconsciously inviting these little creatures back in. So, I will do a clearing every few days for a while to see if I can help move them on. That is what I can do from a distance without overstepping my boundaries (and theirs).

And I can continue to hold the energy for them to get the help they need and get the lesson they asked for in the easiest manner possible.

I’m not sure what else is mine to do. Most likely just hold the space and ask the Angels, Archangels and those of really high vibrations to assist with the healing on all levels.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? What has helped you when someone you dearly love is hurting?