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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

When I first came into the full understanding that I could bring through Spirit Guide teams, I set about getting a message for my husband.

failure-messageI was right in the middle of channeling and I remember arguing with the Guides over a certain word choice (word nerd that I am!) saying to them “But he won’t understand what that word means!”

They said to me in a not unkind but definitely sternish voice:  “Is this message for you?”

I said, “No, it’s not.”

They said “Then these words are not for you. They are for him and you have to trust that he will hear and understand them just as we give it to you.”

Harumph! (said I, under my breath) How dare they correct me on word choice! (said Lisa’s ego, all pissy-like)

The lesson was that, as a channel, the language in which the message is given is not up for my interpretation and change.

As they point out “those words are not for (me)”

They come through me, yes, but are not for me.

Thus began my agreement that I will give the message I receive exactly as I receive it, without changing anything and it’s an agreement I will honor always.

It’s easy now.

Back then, not as much because my ego was still a bit bruised.  Telling a writer at heart that the word choice is not up to them is akin to asking them to  swallow toxic chemicals.  Just rip out my insides, whydontcha?

(Enough with the melodrama, Lisa. They get the point.)

The message from the Guide teams come in exactly the way they need to for the recipient.  Not the one who does the channeling (word maven though she may be!).

They made sure I got that one down pat!