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Here are just a few things that I know for sure:

1) There is life after physical death.  Others may not believe it and think once you’re dead, you’re just dust and that’s fine. But that’s not my experience and nothing you can show me (science wise) will convince me of that.

2) Consciously or unconsciously, we choose what comes into our life.  All of it.  The good news is since it’s in our control, if we don’t like what’s going on, we can change it.

3)  Lessons: get them the first or even the second time they show up.  After the third time, they suck hard. You won’t like them.

4)  If you’ve not had children and live a pretty chill life, don’t get a puppy when you’re 51.  This I REALLY know for sure.  🙂

5) You always, always get what you need.  That’s different than what you might want.  Sometimes, the Universe really does know best.

What’s one thing you know FOR SURE? I’d love to hear it!