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When you hear someone say these words, it means they are not standing in their own power. It means they’ve chosen to be powerless.

What are these words?

“This is just who I am.”

In that moment, they’ve essentially said “I have no ability to change something within myself.”




Personal power matters …. a lot.

Powerlessness was a particular issue with my mom. Despite the fact that she was intelligent, outgoing and strong-willed, she was forever seeking her mother’s approval and so to be loved, she caved in.

Every. single. time.

She gave up what she wanted to make someone else happy because by doing so, then she thought they’d love her.  She fought this inner battle right up until she died at age 76.

I can’t tell you the number of times she said “Well, that’s just how I am.” and it always pinged me because  I took it to mean that she was not willing to grow, change, evolve.

What I think it meant for her, though, was a very defiant “You don’t like me? Tough shit!” attitude when really? She so desperately wanted to be accepted.  Like most of us, she wanted to be seen and loved for who she was.  She never had that unconditional acceptance and she swung from giving away her power to just about anyone to being oddly stubborn and defiant.

(In fact, the only person who could coerce her to do anything was my husband.  We often called him “the big gun” because when all our reasoning failed, I’d put him on the phone with her and she’d cave in a heartbeat.  Odd, that.)

What does having personal power look like?

Here are just a few examples of what to do to move more into your own power.  Empaths, I know you have a very hard time doing these, don’t you? But it’s so important that you try.  (Trust me on this!)

* Don’t say yes when you mean no.  (I inherited this from my mom and I’m working on changing it.  Hard, though.  I hate letting people down. But I’d rather hear a polite No than a pissed-off YES and I am guessing that most people would also.)

* Ask for what you need even if you don’t think you have a chance of getting it.  (My mom desperately wanted a fancy wedding with all the trimmings.  My father didn’t.  Guess who won? She didn’t even ask. She just caved in. Can you imagine??)

* Be willing to look at your own attitudes and behaviors and see if there’s room for some growth. (Mom was just too stubborn after a while to do this.)


 You are only as powerless as you CHOOSE to be.

Doing nothing is still a choice.


Call to action: In the comments, let me know one thing you are doing to step more into your own power.

And if you can’t think of anything, well, that should be your cue to get moving!  (Would you like some assistance from your team of Guides??)

 Here’s what my friend and fellow intuitive Julie Langdon Barrett said on her blog about our session:

 “The reason, I believe, that my guides steered me to Lisa in particular at this specific moment, was because she is an unbelievably clear channel.

Have you ever had a session where it was like a three way call?  You, your guides, and the intuitive?  That’s exactly what it was like.  So not only do I appreciate Lisa for the extremely cool person and friend that she is, but I could not have been guided to a better person for very specific next steps.

The interesting part about communicating with your spirit guides through someone else is that it can unravel completely differently than the way you get information from them.  Plus, the other person is impartial, so not only do they “hear what you can’t”, they can also help interpret what you’ve been experiencing or going through and give insights in their own inimitable way.”

Don’t live your life only powered by half! Go full octane and see how awesome it is!