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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m a recovering co-dependent.

I keep the Melody Beatty book “The Language of Letting Go – Daily Meditations for Co-dependents” in my reading library (cough*the bathroom* cough) and check in for the wisdom of the day.

This morning’s meditation was about letting go and putting complete faith in a higher power, knowing that all would be well with the world.

And I thought “Is it possible to turn your life over to a higher power without giving up your self-authority?”

(How’s that for being the Woo Carrie Bradshaw, eh?)   Carrie Bradshaw

The answer is yes.

And maybe no.

And maybe maybe.

It  hinges on how you look at the concept of “turning it over to a higher power”.

See, there’s ‘conscious surrender’ and there’s ‘daddy, can you fix this for me?’.

Conscious Surrender

To me, surrender done with consciousness means accepting not only what is but also accepting your part in how it came to be and acknowledging you have the power to shift it.  With conscious surrender,  there’s knowledge about what is yours to do as a soul in a physical body.

“Daddy, can you fix this for me?”

I once worked with a young woman who had her daddy fix everything for her.  When her car stalled out at a light,  he came and rescued her and she never had to think about how to fix the car or how to pay for it or any of that mundane stuff.  She was always, always rescued.  That’s a common mindset of many who are younger.

If you’re still looking for a “daddy” to come fix stuff for you as you grow in age and (hopefully) wisdom, then you don’t have much self-authority to start with, do you? It follows that the concept of “turning it over” becomes all about not owning that you have the resources inside you to take care of the issue and that someone knows better than you.

Empowered Higher Power

When you step into consciousness (from whatever place you happen to be), you acknowledge to yourself AND to the Universe that you are willing to own what is yours and turn over to higher wisdom what is not and trust that all of it will unfold for the highest good.

It’s not a blind trust, it’s not a ‘fingers-in-ears-la-la-la-can’t-hear-you” trust – it’s trust borne of experience, trial-and-error (sometimes lots of error!) and faith.   It’s an affirmation that you’ve done your part and are now asking the Universe ( God, Spirit or Divine Presence) to move it forward.

Turning it over to a higher power asks you to step into your own power and claim what is yours to do.

Are you doing that now?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box – agree? Disagree? A little of both?

Talk to me!