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I’ve been blogging for about ten years thanks to my sweet goddaughter Lauren who said “I think you might like this thing. Try it and see.” I was hooked from the beginning because I’ve always written about something or other in my life. In fact, I can’t imagine NOT being able to write. It’s in my blood, baybee. Always has been. Always will be.

So, I joined up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge as a way to re-commit myself to writing here on a regular basis. The blog challenges you (ME!) to blog every. single. day. of July. Every day. EEEK! What am I thinking? (Who knows? Who *ever* knows what I’m thinking when I jump in to these things like this??)  I’ll be writing about all kinds of things – random ideas, stuff I learned in various classes, why going back to the day job for six weeks is a good thing and lots more.  I’ve got a lot of blog space to cover and I’d love to have you along for the ride!

Today’s theme: commitment.

I haz it. Or I will haz it.

Commitment is a lot like intention but on a deeper, more physical level. You can make an intention in your mind but the action that follows it is commitment.

I’m good with intention – what’s that saying? “The road to hell is paved with good intentions“? Yes. I’ve been paving my ass off for years now. Not as good with the commitment part. Now and again I get spurts of it but sustained commitment isn’t something I do really, really well. Like in my sleep well. It involves follow-through and yeah, there’s the rub.

Lots of ideas dance in my head (maybe yours too?) but when I get down to implementing them, I get disappointed and then allow them to fall by the wayside. I talked a bit about my issues with perfectionism in last week’s podcast. If I don’t do it exactly right the first time then FEH! I’m not doing it again. And that is silly because anything worthwhile takes practice, doesn’t it? Still, I allow it. It’s easier for me to not even try than to try and fail.

I talk about breaking through the barriers that keep you stuck. Here’s one way to do that: make it public.

Announce that you’re stuck and that you are trying to change that.

Hold yourself accountable. I’m doing that with this blog challenge (and yes, I was indeed nudged by my Guides to do it and you know how I roll when that happens!).

What’s a place in your life where you have good intentions but not as good follow-through? I’d love to hear about it and maybe we can brainstorm one step you can take to move forward.

Leave a comment below and I’ll answer with whatever step shows up in my rockin’ intuitive mind!