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Are you comfortable trusting the guidance that comes through to you? I mean REALLY trust it? Enough to act on it?

I’m finding many of my clients get stuck on that part. They ask for guidance, get something (not sure if it’s guidance or something they just made up somehow) and then it seems to go off track from there. Acting on what you receive is the most important piece of the whole puzzle! Is it lack of courage? Not usually. It’s more like they haven’t learned to trust what they get so they can run with it and feel safe doing so.

I live my life by my intuitional guidance. My Guides, Teachers and Angels assist me in getting to where I want to go and together we make really cool stuff happen. You can do the same thing – everyone can. It’s just a matter of learning how.

Come listen in to the FREE 30 minute preview call I’m hosting on Wednesday March 2 at 8pm eastern where I’ll talk a bit about my upcoming tele-class called “Trust What You Get”. The class begins on March 8th and runs for three weeks (one night each week).

If you’re curious about it’s like to your life by your intuition, join me on the call to discuss that and more! Just sign up below and I’ll see you on the call!