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I live by my intuition every day and my life is going places that I used to only dream of.

Yours can, too!

My newest e-book, Trust What You Get, shows you how you can get there.

Everyone has intuition, but do you Trust What You Get?

The purpose of this new e-book, Trust What You Get, is to show you how to trust the information you get when you tune in to guidance.

Once you learn how to do that, you can get intuitive information on demand. I’ll show you some methodical ways to bring your intuition into consciousness, hone it and then use it in your everyday life.

You can integrate these skills however they fit into your life. Not everyone is meant to be a practitioner, a medium or an energy healer. Intuition manifests itself in many different ways. You can have it come full force if you want, or just get what you need.

This e-book is adapted from my live tele-class “Trust What You Get” that I taught in March 2011. For more information about other classes that I’ll be teaching, click here.

Containing over 35 pages of solid tips and techniques, homework and exercises, I’ll show you how to learn to use your intuition on demand no matter at what age or what level you’re starting out from. Check out the topics that I cover in the e-book:

Section 1
• What is intuition?
• What intuition looks like
• Who is your Higher Self?
• How to deal with your ego and the ego’s pushback
• Who are your Guides?
• How to discern your Higher Self from your mind
• How to step out of your comfort zone and create results you want
• When not to start practicing your intuitive skills
• How to work in tandem with your Higher Self

Sections 2 and 3
• How to ask for guidance
• How to ask for guidance with intention
• What can you ask for?
• The right way to ask for guidance
• How to receive the guidance
• How to act on the guidance
• How to witness what shows up
• How to live your life fully by intuition
• Questions from the live audience

I invite you to take a step forward to learn more about taking charge of your life by empowering the use of your intuition!

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Ready to go for a ride with your intuition?

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